US Virgin Islands
The American Paradise

I would like to show and explain the US Virgin Islands a place I love. When living in Puerto Rico we visited the three islands of St Thomas, St Croix and St John, many times and always enjoyed them very much. There are about 50 tiny islets and cays surrounding the islands, many of them uninhabited.

This earthly paradise is located east of Puerto Rico and because it took only 25 minutes to reach, we visited many times, sometimes even for the day.

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Magens Bay in St Thomas is one of the Top Beaches of the World

Magens Bay in St Thomas is one of the Top Beaches of the World

For a reason the USVI are called the American Paradise

No passport or visa required for US Citizens

Owned previously by Denmark they were bought by the United States in 1917. It is now an American Territory thus making its residents American Citizens. No passports or visa required for US Citizens.


Most of the Virgin Islanders are of African Origin. Their ancestors were the slaves that were brought to work in the sugar plantations before the abolition.

Later on, being a US Territory many people of other countries and from the US Mainland and Puerto Rico have come to live here. Especially the Puerto Ricans in St Croix Island have brought the Spanish flavor in all its force.

The USVI are also a starting point to visit the neighboring islands of British Virgin Islands, St Maarten, or St Martin, St Kitts Nevis and Antigua & Barbuda.

Chalotte Amalie in St Thomas is the Capital of the USVI

Chalotte Amalie in St Thomas is the Capital of the USVI

Us Virgin Islands Facts

  • Official name - US Virgin Islands
  • Population - 105,000
  • Area in Sq Km - 1,910
  • Capital City - Charlotte Amalie
  • Languages – English
  • Political Status - United States Territory
  • Currency - Us Dollar (USD)

The awesome beaches of St Thomas USVI

The awesome beaches of St Thomas USVI

This is US Territory

Getting there

By air

Major airlines have non-stop flights from North America direct to St Thomas USVI and St Croix Island. But the main traffic to the islands comes from Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean Islands.

There are two main airports located within the U.S. Virgin Islands: Cyril E. King International Airport on St. Thomas, and Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport on St. Croix.

US Virgin Islands

St Thomas USVI is a regular stop for the main cruise lines

St Thomas USVI is a regular stop for the main cruise lines

By Cruise

St Thomas is on many Eastern Caribbean Cruises itineraries on many cruise lines departing from Florida and some ports in the north of the United States.

These Cruise Vacations are very popular, for the great convenience of cruising on a Super Deluxe Hotels; this is what the cruise ships today, and the expectation of visiting one port every day.

Cruise Lines arrive in the US Virgin Islands mainly to St Thomas and a few may visit St John and St Croix.

Sailing around the islands is dream come true

Sailing around the islands is a dream come true

By sailing

Many visitors to the three US Virgin Islands arrive on some kind of yacht, small or large. The Caribbean is an ideal area for your Sailing Vacation and there are plenty exotic beaches to visit.

St Thomas, St Croix and St John are no exception. I highly recommend using the services of professionals in the field of Sailing vacations.

They know the waters, that some time can bring surprises, like high waves and strong winds to mention a few.

St John is the smallest of the USVI

St John is the smallest of the USVI

Getting around

If you want to move between the islands, remember that St Croix is quite far from St Thomas and you may even need to fly on a small plane or hydroplane.

There is regular ferry service from Christiansted in St Croix to Charlotte Amalie in St Thomas.

On the other hand, St John is very near St Thomas and ferries run back and forth between the islands. In St Tomas you have to go to the east end of the island to Red Hook to catch that ferry.

By car rental

Once in any of the islands you may want to rent a car to have the liberty to explore them at your own pace. The major companies and many local car rental companies will give you the best service.

By Bus

In the two largest St Croix and St Thomas there are buses that go around and inside the islands. This service is used mostly by locals.

By Bike or Scooter

“Fantastico” this is the way for young people to explore the three islands and go to places and beaches not being reached by car.

Note that I mentioned good for young people. Don’t ask me, please. I prefer to take my rental car and drive on the left side and tour these beautiful islands. I have been doing it for almost 40 years.

Aerial view of the Island of St Croix USVI

Aerial view of the Island of St Croix USVI

Weather and Climate

The climate of the U.S. Virgin Islands is ideal, with perfect Caribbean temperatures and rainfall. The temperatures don’t vary so much during the year, being the summer quite warm reaching the 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the “winter", if you call this winter, a little less not reaching the 84 degrees.

Summer is hurricane season and the islands are on the Hurricane Belt. The technology of today allows enough time for change of plans. The same applies to air visitors or to cruise ones.

Both flags of the United States and the USVI fly together

Both flags of the United States and the USVI fly together

Virgin Islands Flag Description:

White field with a modified US coat of arms in the center between the large blue initials V and I; the coat of arms shows a yellow eagle holding an olive branch in one talon and three arrows in the other with a superimposed shield of vertical red and white stripes below a blue panel.

For information visit US Virgin Islands Tourism Website

image credits for US Virgin Islands
Courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of the US Virgin Islands

Map of the US Virgin Islands

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