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Uruguay Tourism centers in Montevideo and Punta del Este. Both this small South American country has a lot to offer to the tourist.

Surrounded by the big neighbors of Brazil and Argentina, this is a proud country with beautiful people that will make you feel welcome to their country.

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Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo Uruguay

The Capital of Uruguay and its biggest city boasts a rich history and many eclectic landmarks. To mention a few the part-Gothic, part-Art-Deco Palacio Salvo, and the 18th-century churches and mansions that adorn the cobbled streets of its historic downtown.

Some other sites are old city quarter, the Puerta de la Ciudadela, the Teatro Solis, and Parque Rodó.

Visit the Rambla, a promenade stretching 22 km along the city’s coast, as well as the beaches where the Rio de la Plata reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este Uruguay

On the Atlantic Coast of south-eastern Uruguay, is this beach resort compared with Miami Beach, Florida or St Tropez, France.

It is the place to see and be seen. Enjoy the look of the young tanned people and spend some money on the bars and clubs of this city.

Located 130 km from Montevideo is together with Mar del Plata Argentina, the most famous beach resorts in South America.

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

It is in Uruguay but it’s a short trp by boat from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a Portuguese 17the century stronghold and maintains its charm to the day.

It features post-colonial buildings, fancy boutiques and restaurants. Its old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Many people come across the river for a day trip from Argentina’s capital. You can take a ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia, which takes 1 hour on the fast boat and 3 hours on the slow one.

Uruguay Tourism


Laidback Salto is Uruguay’s second largest city. Here you make have a taste of real Uruguayan life amid plazas with 19th century architecture and pretty riverfront walks.

Take a local bus to Termas del Dayman hot springs to the south of the city.

Carmelo Uruguay

Located on the shores of Rio de la Plata this is one of Uruguay’s best kept secrets. It has been long visited by savvy Argentinians, and lately discovered by the international tourist.

Enjoy its cobbled streets dating back to the early 20th century, before taking a boat from the waterfront to explore the Paraná Delta.

Rocha Uruguay

Rocha Uruguay

This is a small coastal town with beautiful beaches providing an alternative to the most popular beach resorts of Uruguay.

This place honors the slogan of Uruguay Natural with places such as La Paloma, Cabo Polonio and La Pedrera which are the favorites of different tourist groups, from families to backpackers, surfers and young adults.

Cabo Polonio

This is a rustic fishing village with no electricity or running water, creating a perfect escape from day to day life, perfect for a one in a lifetime vacation.

La Pedrera

This is an ideal place for surfing and learn how to catch the perfect wave. It has one of the best beaches on the coast.

Laguna Garzon

Laguna Garzon

Just a few km down the coast from Punta del Este, in the Laguna Garzon you feel a like a thousand miles away.

This is a heaven for migratory birds and wildlife, windsurfers and fishermen.


It used to be the best summer holiday before Punta del Este took off. It is still a popular spot due to its beaches and tranquil atmosphere.

One of the popular places in town is the Sugar Loaf or Pan de Azucar Mountain, the highest point in a totally flat country.

Uruguay Flag

Uruguay Flag Description

It has a field of nine equal horizontal stripes alternating white and blue. The canton is white, charged with the Sun of May, from which 16 rays extend, alternating between triangular and wavy.

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Map of Uruguay Tourism

Map of Uruguay Tourism

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