Turks and Caicos
A British Paradise in the Caribbean

Turks and Caicos are famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They are postcard perfect white sand beaches and turquoise waters that can be the scenario for any of your dreams.

This British territory is a combination of eight main islands and more than thirty inhabited islets and cays. It is located north of the Dominican Republic and east of the Bahamas Islands.

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Satellite view of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Satellite view of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Islands facts

  • Population – 34,900
  • Area in Sq Km - 430
  • Capital City - Grand Turk
  • Languages - English
  • Political Status - Overseas United Kingdom Territory
  • Currency - Us Dollar (USD)

The Beaches of Turks Caicos are among the Best in the World

The Beaches of Turks Caicos are among the Best in the World

Getting there

  • By Air

There are practically no flights from other countries but the United States. Miami is great place to start. There are flights from there to the islands.

  • By Cruise

Just a few cruise lines have these islands in their Eastern Caribbean Cruises itineraries. Please note that visiting on a cruise will give you just a taste of the islands. This paradise should be given at least a week to enjoy its marvelous beaches.

  • By yacht

Many yachts of all sizes arrive on the islands on their Caribbean Sailing Vacations, from all over the world and mainly from the United States and the Caribbean.

Turks and Caicos

The best way to tour the islands is by scooter

The best way to tour the islands is by scooter

Getting around

  • Car Rental

Only on Provo, nicknamed for Providenciales, can you rent cars from some of the major companies. Not on the other islands.

  • Buses

The same as above, only on Provo they have a few routes as well as charter buses. Providenciales is the most visited of the islands, so the options are more for all kind of services.

  • Bikes or Scooters

Again, only in Provo can you find rental companies of bikes and scooters. This way you can explore the island on your own at your own pace.

Fishing in the Turks and Caicos

Fishing in the Turks Caicos

If you like fishing, go to South Caicos for lobster and conch but also enjoy the magnificent beaches of this small isle with the exuberant views of the crystal blue waters and the other islands.

Parrot Cay and Pine Cay are privately owned and host some Luxury Caribbean resorts. The resorts are coming not only to this island but also to neighboring West Caicos, Ambergris Cay and Dellis Cay.

Marine Life on the shores of the Turks Caicos

Marine Life on the shores of the Turks & Caicos

Scuba, Snorkeling, Parasailing and Caribbean Sports

This paradise is ideal for Scuba Diving, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing and many more water sport activities.

Caribbean Cuisine

All the islands are famous for a tasty Caribbean Cuisine served by international renowned chefs.

Turks & Caicos, a heaven under the British Flag, offer anything vacationers would want when expecting a Vacation in paradise.

Turks and Caicos Flag

Turks and Caicos Flag Description

Blue, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the colonial shield centered on the outer half of the flag; the shield is yellow and contains a conch shell, lobster, and cactus.

For more information go to T&C Official Tourism Website

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Caribbean Map showing the location of Turks and Caicos

Caribbean Map showing the location of Turks & Caicos

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