Trinidad and Tobago
Two Islands One Nation

Trinidad and Tobago is a prosperous small country close to the northern coast of South America. The island nation is comprised of two very different islands. Trinidad the largest is cosmopolitan and business oriented while Tobago is laid back, relaxed and ready to pamper you on your Caribbean Vacation.

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World famous and colorful Carnival in Trinidad
One of the most important Caribbean Festivals

World famous and colorful Carnival in Trinidad
One of the most important Caribbean Festivals

Melting Pot of Cultures

Trinidad, the big island is a melting pot of many cultures and heritages. The capital city of Port of Spain is surrounded by verdant hills and is an important cosmopolitan hub where skyscrapers abound next to colorful bazaars and Cathedrals next to Mosques.

This colorful city is where you can best see the many heritages and origins of the population with a majority composed of African and Hindu descendants among others.

Trinidad features many waterfalls

Trinidad features many waterfalls


Lush Vegetation and impressive Fauna in Trinidad and Tobago

The north coast runs along the Northern Mountain range, covered by dense tropical forests as if they were protecting the capital. Due to its tropical weather and lush vegetation the area boasts very impressive fauna where brilliantly plumed birds coexist with butterflies, monkeys, amphibians and reptiles.

The sister island of Tobago

The sister island of Tobago

Tobago, the sister little island is authentic and picturesque, bordered by stunning exotic beaches. Located about 20 miles from Trinidad it can be reached by Fast Ferry in close to two hours.

Facts about Trinidad Tobago

  • Official name - Trinidad and Tobago
  • Population - 1,365,000
  • Area in Sq Km - 5,128
  • WestJetCapital City - Port of Spain
  • Languages - English, Hindustani, French, Spanish, Chinese
  • Political Status - Parliamentary Democracy
  • Currency - Trinidad Tobago Dollar (TTD)
  • 1 USD = 6.74 TTD
  • 1 EUR = 7.88 TTD
  • 1 GBP = 9.00 TTD

Trinidad and Tobago

Parlatuvier Bay in Trinidad

Parlatuvier Bay in Trinidad

Getting to Trinidad Tobago

By air

Because of its location near the coast of Venezuela and far from the rest of the islands, the best way to get to Trinidad and Tobago is by air.

The airport serving Trinidad is Piarco International Airport, located 16 miles of Port of Spain, the country’s capital.

The airport serving neighboring Tobago is Crown Point Airport, the smaller of the two.

Piarco Internationat Airport in Port of Spain Trinidad

Piarco Internationat Airport in Port of Spain Trinidad

Being Trinidad an important country in the Caribbean and very busy from the commercial point of view, may airlines arrive from all the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South America and all of the Caribbean Islands.

The airports in both islands have large enough runways to accommodate big aircraft of Schedule and Charter Airlines.

I’d like to mention a few of the airlines serving Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Air Canada
  • Air Caribbean
  • Air Jamaica
  • American Airlines
  • Bahamasair
  • British Airways
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Condor
  • Copa
  • Guyana Airways
  • Jet Blue
  • LIAT
  • Suriname Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • West Jet

Royal Caribbean Cruise docked in Port of Spain, Trinidad

Royal Caribbean Cruise docked in Port of Spain, Trinidad

By Cruise

Trinidad Tobago have very few cruise lines that include them in their itineraries. Those that do it will stop at either Port of Spain in Trinidad or Scarborough in Tobago.

By Yachts

It has become one of the best spots for yachting and sailing in the Eastern Caribbean. Its harbors are safe and the most important of all is that Trinidad and Tobago are located outside the Hurricane Belt.

The main ports in Trinidad are Port of Spain and Chaguamaras as a second choice. The main ports in Tobago are Scarborough and Charlottesville.

La Brea on Trinidad' West Coast

La Brea on Trinidad' West Coast

Getting around By Rental Car

If you are an adventurer it is the best way to explore the islands on your own and at your own pace. Remember that you have to get used to drive on the left side of the road. This is the heritage left by the British. You will need an International Driving License and be over 25 years old.

Many major rental car companies operate in Trinidad Tobago and also many local and less expensive ones. Do it very carefully and drive defensively. Don’t drive at night because the roads are not reliable and you may encounter unexpected problems.

By Taxi

I recommend taking a taxi for short rides but be aware that trying to visit the islands by taxi could be rather expensive. Although if you negotiate in advance for a taxi to give you a tour of the island and you both agree on the price, it could be a good idea.

Trinidad by Bike or scooters

Trinidad by Bike or scooters

Trinidad has been blessed with spectacular natural beauty. So why not do some mountain biking or if you are not so trained you may use a scooter and tour the island and its marvels.

La Brea is the second town of importance is San Fernando, the business center of the south area of the island. On the island’s west coast in an area appropriately called La Brea (Tar in Spanish), lies Pitch Lake or Lake of Tar.

By Bus

It’s an affordable way to explore the islands at reasonable prices. The schedule service is reliable and vacationers and locals use it on a regular basis. The main station is in Port of Spain and many routes will reach all the corners of Trinidad and the same applies to Tobago.

Matura Beach in Trinidad

Matura Beach in Trinidad

Weather in Trinidad Tobago

Being closer to the Equator than the other islands, they have a tropical climate all year round which makes them a paradise for vacationers coming from the cold weather.

But like in the other islands the heat is moderated by the constant trade winds, that maintain the temperature during the day at an average of 84 degrees Fahrenheit and in the evening it can drop to the seventies.

Callaloo is the # 1 dish of Trinidad Food

Callaloo is the # 1 dish of Trinidad Food


Eating in Trinidad

Because the ethnic rainbow that is this country, Trinidad food is varied and extremely good. You'll find restaurants of all nationalities and they have one thing in common, The fabulous Caribbean Cuisine

You have two great options in this country. One small island offers relaxed, quiet and exotic beaches ideal for Caribbean Weddings or your Dream Honeymoon.

The other bigger island is the center of this oil rich country. You can visit with business in your mind but the island nightlife, the flora, the fauna, the Caribbean Cuisine will take you away from your life’s stresses.

Enjoy Trinidad and Tobago. No matter why you came on the first place you’ll end up having a great time.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Description

Red with a white-edged black diagonal band from the upper hoist to the lower fly

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Trinidad and Tobago

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Trinidad and Tobago

For more information visit Trinidad Tobago Official Tourism Website

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la brea by gruesbayer

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