St Lucia Island
An Unforgettable Experience

St Lucia Island will be your best vacation decision. In this lovely island nation, one of the pretties in the Caribbean region you can enjoy exotic beaches and elegant all-inclusive Beaches Resorts. It is the ideal place for a Honeymoon and Island Wedding or a great and unforgettable Caribbean Family Vacation.

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The Pitons are the symbol of the Island of St Lucia

The Pitons are the symbol of the Island of St Lucia

All Inclusive St Lucia Vacations, everything is included

Years ago, when we started selling the concept of All Inclusive Vacations, many considered it to be “cheap”, “crowded” and “impersonal”.

Not anymore. In today’s travel environment these types of vacations are very recommended. The term All Inclusive describes itself easily. Everything is included.

Air Travel, hotel accommodations, food, activities and many extras are all included in one lump sum for the traveler’s convenience.

In many islands under the influence of the Euro like the French Caribbean Islands or the Dutch Antilles, is even more important to prepay in US Dollars and then locally not having to deal with Currency Exchange and the aggravation is implies.

Sandals Resort in St Lucia Island

Sandals Resort in St Lucia Island

Here you can choose between simply doing nothing, spend your days reading or enjoy days full of activities and water sports. All this is included in your prepaid price.

Many honeymooners looking for total seclusion in one of the exotic beaches, will be surprised to find other recently married couples that share their same interests and make friends without even planning it.

St Lucia presents its Saffron Buns

St Lucia presents its Saffron Buns

St Lucia Food

From Chinese to Italian food, find a variety of cuisines

You’ll never be bored by the food. Some of the best luxury resorts host the best restaurants that offer a variety of Caribbean Cuisine, St Lucia Food as well as French, Chinese, Italian and more.

In case you are looking for total seclusion, there is the superb Room Service at any time.

St Lucia Island

Amazing Rendezvous Beach in St Lucia

Amazing Rendezvous Beach in St Lucia

St Lucia Facts

  • Official name - Saint Lucia
  • Population 178,000
  • Area  617 Sq Km
  • Capital City  Castries
  • Languages  English, French Patois
  • Political Status  Parliamentary Democracy
                           Constitutional Monarchy
  • Currency  Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
    1 USD = 2.70
    1 EUR = 3.15
    1 GBP = 3.60

Tropical fruits in an array of colors, tastes and smells

Tropical fruits in an array of colors, tastes and smells

During breakfast and during the day, on St Lucia Island, you can enjoy the variety of Tropical Fruits that are only found in the Caribbean. You’ll feel dizzy from so many colors and tastes.

Explore the lush rain-forests of St Lucia Island

Explore the lush rain-forests of St Lucia Island

Days full of activities

If you want to visit an offshore island or go hiking on the lush tropical forests of St Lucia, ask for a picnic box and enjoy your lunch whenever and wherever you want.

All-Inclusive St Lucia Vacations means just that. You may have to pay a few extras at the end of the vacation like laundry, phone calls or other incidentals, but that’s it.

In your all-inclusive resort, they are experience enough to understand that in the time you are going to spend there, you don’t want to be bored or repetitive.

They will make sure that you enjoy a great number of activities. One day it may be Snorkeling and Scuba lessons and another day, bicycling, exercise, or Spa treatment.

In St Lucia you’ll find many places to visit outside your resort, like the number one site on the island, the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. These are two mountains of volcanic origin seeming to rise from the waters of the Caribbean Sea into the clouds.

St Lucia Jade Mountain Resort overlooking the Pitons

St Lucia Jade Mountain Resort overlooking the Pitons

Adults only or Family Oriented Resorts

St Lucia Island left a mark in our memory. The lush forests are still fresh in my mind. The emerald green of the vegetation is something you’ll cherish forever.

In the island’s trails there are all kind of flora and fauna. It is incredible the assortment in such a tiny island. Another site to visit is the Drive-in Soufriere Volcano.

Some of St Lucia Resorts offer the possibility to choose between family-oriented ones, perfect for you Caribbean Family Vacations or the concept of Adults Only Resorts, catering to honeymooners and young and “not so young” couples.

I suggest you do your homework before deciding where to go in St Lucia. I hope my information in this and other pages is valuable. It depends on what you are looking for. One thing is sure, St Lucia Vacations are for you, for me and for all of us.

St Lucia Flag

St Lucia Flag Description

The flag of St. Lucia was officially adopted on March 1, 1967. The blue field represents the Caribbean Sea, and the triangles symbolize the island's famous Pitons - the twin volcanic peaks.

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st lucia island images

slucia rainforest by david lytle
jade by prayitno

All sourtesy of wikimedia commons

Caribbean Map showing the location of St Lucia

Caribbean Map showing the location of St Lucia

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