Shanghai Tourism
The Most Impressive City in China

Shanghai Tourism combines the modern and historical attractions of one the most important cities in the world. In about a decade Shanghai has become the model of what China is on the 21st century. The visitor will find that it doesn’t resemble China’s other major cities.

On the west side you’ll find the architecture and style of ancient buildings, while on the east side it is full of modern skyscrapers; all this makes for a very interesting visit.

The Bund is the # 1 attraction in Shanghai China

The Bund is the # 1 attraction in Shanghai China

This is a boulevard on the western side of Huangpu River which extends from Jinling Road in the south to the Waibaidu Bridge in the north.

The architecture in the Bund is a feast to the senses, called a "world architectural fair". This is the # 1 tourist attraction in Shanghai.

The waterfront area has been renovated to accommodate more tourists and it is really impressive. A visit to the Bund at nighttime is a MUST for every tourist.

Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai is China's tallest building

Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai is China's tallest building

This is the second tallest building in China and only 13th in the world. Located in the center of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Districts in Pudong, the tower is 421 meters tall with 88 floors.

The 53rd to 57th floor is dedicated to the Deluxe Grand Hyatt Hotel. They feature the hotel restaurant on the 87th floor. The tower observation deck, which holds up to 1,000 visitors at a time, is located on the 88th floor.

Yuyuan Garden

It is considered the best garden in China. It was inaugurated by the Ming Dynasty and then Sichuan Governor Pan Yuduan, who wanted to bring pleasure to his parents and relatives. Yuyuan Garden is considered the best garden in China.

Nanjing Road

is one of the most important commercial streets in Shanghai, which stretches from The Bund to The People’s Park. There is an ambitious project underway to make century old Nanjing Road into a world class commercial pedestrian mall.

Chenghuang Temple

Is a Taoist Temple, also called Yi temple, which is composed of many halls such as the Grand Hall, Bedroom Palace, Star Gods Hall, Yama Palace, Xuzhen God hall and so on.

Shanghai Tourism

Beautiful Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai

Beautiful Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai

This is a 468 meters high tower, the tallest in Asia and third highest in the world, inaugurated in October 1st, 1994.

It is based on the ancient Chinese verse “Large and small pearls dropping on a plate of jade”. It features eleven steel spheres in various sizes, hanging from the blue sky into the green grassland.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is located in Lujiazui, Pudong and it is surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest.

There are three large spheres serve as observation decks, five smaller spheres and three decorative spheres on the tower base.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center

This super tall skyscraper features offices, hotels, conference rooms and shopping malls on the lower floors.

On September 2007, when it reaches 492.3 meters, it became the tallest structure in mainland China. This fourth tallest building in the world has 104 floors and the observation deck is the highest in the world. From here you will have the best ever view of the city of Shanghai.

Shikumen Building in Shanghai

Shikumen Building in Shanghai

Located in Xintiandi, was created by converting residential blocks into a multi-functional dining, retail and entertainment center flowing with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and bars of an international standard.

Xiantiandi is dived into south and north blocks, being the southern one more modern and became one of Chinas’ major shopping centers. The northern part as opposed to the southern is based on the Old Shikumen architectural style. It houses book stores, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Zhujiajiao Water Town

Is the best preserved ancient water town among the four ancient towns in Shanghai with a history of 1700 years. Today Zhujiajiao is a graceful and quiet town.

Qibao Ancient Town

Is located in the Minhang District is home to delicious snacks and unique food, including delicious rice cakes known as “Qibaogao”. The area is also known the form of folk art known as Shadow Play.

Qibao Ancient Town

Jade Buddha Temple

Is one of the most important Buddha Religious Temples in the city. They hold many religious events throughout the year. The main and popular structures of the temple are the great Devajara Hall, Mahavira Hall and the Jade Buddha Tower.

French Concession Region

Is an area of Shanghai once designated for the French colonialists and consists of today's Luwan and Xuhui Districts. It is a great area to explore, from the the cafes and restaurants and up market shopping area in Huaihu Road.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is Asia's largest one

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is Asia's largest one

Asia’s largest aquarium is one of the largest in the world. Located next to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong, features a special 120-meter tunnel that runs through various different marine habitat exhibitions including a coral reef and kelp cave. The aquarium is split into many different exhibition zones and is an importan site on Shanghai Tourism. 


Map of China showing the location of Shanghai

Map of China showing the location of Shanghai

For more information visit Shanghai Tourism Official Website

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