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An Amazing Country

Romania Tourism is in a constant rise since the beginning of the 1990s when it was freed from the oppressive joke of the Soviet Union.

Romania, sometimes spelled Rumania, is an Eastern European Country bordering the Black Sea. It borders with Hungary and Serbia on the west, Ukraine and Moldova on the east and northeast and Bulgaria on the south.

It is the 8th largest country and the 7th largest in population of the European Union. The Capital of Romania is Bucharest and immense and imperial capital one of the biggest cities in Europe.

Romania was once called

Romania was once called "The Bread Basket of Europe"

Top Attractions of Romania Tourism

Romania was once called the “Bread Basket of Europe”.  It is a fertile land with high mountains, plains and hills and a unique delta of the River Danube, which crosses the country west to east as it flows into the Black Sea.

Its many regions have their own characteristics when we talk about Romanian Cuisine, culture and history, so there is a lot what to see if you wander outside the capital.

You’ll visit museums and monasteries, beaches and health spas. In the rest of this page I am going to display the top attractions of a country that has so much to show.

Picturesque image of Bucharest the Capital of Romania during Fall

Picturesque image of Bucharest the Capital of Romania during Fall


Called in Romanian Bucuresti, is the capital of the nation where4 you find museums, restaurants, cafes, great hotels and a great nightlife. No wonder it has been called “Little Paris”. For more information on Bucharest let me direct you to my page on the Capital of Romania.

Glorious Beaches on the Black Sea

Romania’s coast on the Black Sea is famous for centuries, as visitors have arrived there by the thousands during the years to enjoy the mild climate of the area and the beauty of the beaches. During the years of Communism the neighboring countries within the Iron Curtain use to use these beaches as motivation for their workers.

To read about Constanta, Mamaia, Constinesti and Vama Veche, please go to our sister website’s page on Romania Beaches where we describe them in full detail.

The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

These monasteries you will visit in Bucovina are decorated with colored frescoes of Byzantine and Gothic influence. All this dates to the times of Stephen the Great under whose reign the Moldavian Religious architecture reached its peak.

The artists of the time wrote with colors their own interpretation of the Bible and did it with elegance and rich architectural forms in interior and exterior walls. It was included by UNESCO among the World Heritage Sites and also included in the circuits visited by tourists.

A visit o this great site is a “Must” since you won’t find this artistic richness nowhere in the world.

The Medieval Town of Brașov in Romania

The Medieval Town of Brașov in Romania

Romania Tourism

Urban Medieval Settlements

In the 12th to 14th centuries Saxons came to the south of Transylvania and built several small towns with the characteristics of Medieval Central Europe. Some of these cities that you may visit today are:

  • Brașov - Where you will admire Gothic and Baroque architecture seen in houses and churches.
  • Sibiu - Was an important town in the middle ages and was declared European Capital of Culture in 2007
  • Sighișoara – This is one of the few inhabited medieval burgs in Europe, is the foremost tourist attraction in Transylvania.

Romania Tourism

Peles Castle also called

Peles Castle also called "Little Versailles" in Romania

Palaces and Castles

The importance of visiting these castles or palaces derives from the richness of the country and the invaluable treasures hidden inside.

The castles have many influences like Medieval Gothic well as Italian and German Renaissance, accompanied by certain details from the Wallachian and Moldovian architecture of Byzantine influence.  They are true masterpieces. You may try to find Dracula in Bran Castle, or find similitude with French Versailles in Peles Castle

Many of these castles and palaces are true masterpieces, declared "architectonic monuments" and included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. They are one of Romania’s major sights, attracting, annually, millions of tourists.

Please visit our page on European Castles

The Romanian Health Resort of Băile Herculane

The Romanian Health Resort of Băile Herculane

Romania Tourism

Health Resorts and Spas

Romania is home to a third of all Europe’s health mineral waters. This combined with the traditions coming from the time of the Austro Hungarian Empire; it is a country with many health centers and resorts, visited by many Europeans on a constant basis.

These resorts are great for recreation and of course, for special treatments. These spas are perfect for recreation, but also for treatment, due to the curative properties of the waters. Some of the treatments include massage, thermotherapy, mud packing, electrotherapy and many more. Here are a few of the famous health centers:

Băile Herculane and Băile Olănești – They offer both treatment and additional recreational activities.

Vatra Dornei  - This is the best choice in the winter, as you may mix skiing with the cure to your ailments.

Gerovital and Aslavital – These are products to prevent premature aging and reinvigorate the body.

Personal note: I remember during the days of our Travel Agency in San Juan Puerto Rico, when we used to send “well off” clients to Romania, then behind the Iron Curtain, to seek these antiaging treatments.

Wild Carpathia

The Carpathian Mountains are for sure some of the most beautiful sights in Romania expressed through their gorges, mountain peaks, waterfalls each with its own legend. Many Natural Parks protect this enormous heritage. There are endangered animals and plants that are kept zealously by Romanian Authorities.

The area is ideal for rock climbing, hiking on the cliffs; hunting in rich in wildlife forests and all kind of outdoor adventure activities.


The Romanian Ski Resort of Poiana Brașov

The Romanian Ski Resort of Poiana Brașov

Romania Tourism

Ski resorts

The Carpathian Mountains are a paradise for skiers during the winter months. The mountains offer snowy slopes for all categories of skiers from beginners to experience ones as each one enjoys his/her share of this great atmosphere. The area of Transylvania is the most prominent of skiing areas featuring resorts like:

  • Prahova Valley – Here they feature the best equipment and slopes for snowboarding and sledding.
  • Poiana Brașov or Predeal – Cozy resorts where to end your day with a delicious cup of wine
  • Rânca – This a new resort becoming very famous among skiers.

 For more information visit Romania Tourism Office

A boat ride on the Danube Delta in Romania

A boat ride on the Danube Delta in Romania

Romania Tourism

Danube Delta

After a glorious journey through Europe, the Danube River forms a Delta as it flows into the Black Sea. Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and a biosphere reservation it offers one of the most beautiful sights of any trip to Europe.

The river forms a group of channels, lakes all protected by dunes and centuries old oaks and subtropical vegetation. The best way to visit this enormous site is travelling by boat through the channels while you enjoy the hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Romania Tourism during the Four Seasons

Spring is the best time of the year for sightseeing in Romania and visitng the many towns and churches this country offers. Many of the traditions are connected to the Christian Calendar, being Easter the most important. That said I also want to say the summer in Romania is great, fall is awesome and winter is for skiers.

image credits for romania tourism:

peles by al.nt.wiki
plain by bogdan
brasov by marion schneider
bucharest by bogdan
poiana by kdanv
herculane by zamolx
danube delta by ralf

all courtesy of wikimedia commons

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