Puerto Rico Food
Rich and Delicious

Puerto Rico Food is delicious... It has its origin in three roots which are the Spanish, the African and the Tainos.

Since the other Spanish Speaking islands have the same roots, the Puerto Rican Food is similar but not identical to the Cuban Food and Dominican Republic Food.  It has its own identity.


The typical Lechon Asado is an integral part of Puerto Rican Food

The typical Lechon Asado is an integral part of Puerto Rican Food

Cocina Criolla

Since the beginning of the 20th Century there has been some influence of American Style. But I insist that the Puerto Rico food is unique in style and taste and is an integral part of the island’s culture.

Locals call it Cocina Criolla or Creole Cuisine. When Ponce de Leon arrived with Columbus, he found that the Tainos ate mostly tropical fruits, corn and seafood.

The Spanish introduced the pork, beef, rice and wheat while the African slaves brought with them the okra and the taro, known in Puerto Rico as yautia and in Cuba as malanga.

The fried plaintains called

The fried plaintains called "Amarillos" in Puerto Rico

Here are a few main dishes of the Puerto Rico Food

I mean the food of the people cooked at home with recipes passed on from mother to daughter through generations.

Puerto Rican Mofongo

Puerto Rican Mofongo

It is made out of mashed plantain. The plantain must be green therefore not sweet. The choice of fillings is infinite. According to your diet or taste it can range from vegetarian, seafood, pork, beef and more.

It can be found in any eatery, be it a shack on the beach or any restaurant. Just for curiosity, the same dish with a few variations is called Fufu de Platano in Cuba and Mangu in Republica Dominicana.

Puerto Rico Food

Who doesn't like the recently fried Alcapurrias?

Who doesn't like the recently fried Alcapurrias?

Fritters, Alcapurrias, and Other Fried Snacks

It is very typical in the island to serve all kind of fritters before the main meal. They are called “Cuchifritos”.

Just to name a few they are the Alcapurrias which is a type of fritter filled with meat; bacalaitos which are cod fish fritters; buñuelos. They are sold all over the Island of Enchantment.

Arroz con Gandules 

This is very typical of Puerto Rico Food especially during Christmas season. The dish is made of pigeon peas mixed with rice and ham, pork, chorizo, pepper and olives.

The most important ingredient known only by locals is the sofrito, which is what you fry on the pan before adding the rice and the gandules.

Arroz con Habichuelas 

Some may disagree, but I say this is the real number one dish of Puerto Rico. I had a friend that used to say that if he did not eat his “mixtura” which is the local name for this dish, it felt that he didn’t eat his meal at all.

The plate is a simple as it can be. You mix white rice with red beans. 


This is a homemade savory soup with rice and chicken. It is not dry like Arroz con Pollo, but rather liquid like any other soup.

It is more a gumbo style soup. There are many variations to this dish by adding incgredients like pork, ham, peppers, pigeon peas olives and tomatoes.

Arroz con pollo

Chicken and rice cooked in the same pot. Traditionally chicken is seasoned with adobo, and then placed in a pot with rice, oil, sofrito, beer, olives, and capers.

Piononos are Fried filled ripe plantain rolls

Piononos are Fried filled ripe plantain rolls

  • Albondigon is a Puerto Rican Meat Loaf
  • Canoas is ripe plantain "canoes" stuffed with ground meat and covered with melted cheese.
  • Carne Guisada - Puerto Rican beef stew
  • Guanimes is semi-sweet tamales, wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Morcilla is a type of spicy and hot blood sausage.
  • Tostones are twice fried plantains originated in the south of Puerto Rico. They are now a popular dish all over Latin America and Caribbean.
  • Pasteles which look similar to Cuban or Mexican tamales but totally different in taste and ingredients.
  • Salmorejo is a stew made of Crabmeat
  • Sancocho de patitas is a hearty pork feet stew with starchy vegetables, plantains, and Garbanzo beans.
  • Sorullos are fried corn meal logs sometimes stuffed with cheese.
  • Seafood is an important part of the Puerto Rican diet. Popular seafood include bacalao (codfish), chapín (tropical fish), pulpo (octopus), carrucho (conch), camarones (shrimp), langosta (lobster) and jueyes (crab)

Puerto Rican Flan

Puerto Rican Flan

Flan is the mother of all deserts, that in Puerto Rico come in many varieties like, vanilla, coconut, pineapple, pumpkin, carrot, cheese and more.

For more information visit Puerto Rico Tourism Official Website

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