Poland Tourism
A Great Country with Many Attractions

Poland Tourism offers many attractions in the country covering great part of Central Europe. It has a lot to see and you have to drive long distances to cover all you have to see in this country.

The modern Capital of Poland Warsaw and its skyscrapers

The modern Capital of Poland Warsaw and its skyscrapers

Warsaw the capital of Poland

It was rebuilt practically from scratch after the war. Today it is a city of skyscrapers and places of entertainment and culture all over town.

Dominating the landscape is the palace of Culture and Science, a present from the former Soviet Union in the times of Stalin.

Do not miss the spectacular Old Town, the Royal Route, the Chopin Museum and last but not least the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto in honor of those victims of the madness of the Holocaust.

Krakow the most beautiful city in Poland

Krakow the most beautiful city in Poland

Poland Tourism

Krakow Poland

This is the former capital of Poland. Luckily for this town it was the headquarters of the Third Reich during World War II and was therefore spared from destruction as the rest of the country. It is lovely.

I especially loved the Jewish market, the Baroque churches, and the Renaissance castle.

Bieszczady Mountains

This is a paradise for romantics and lovers of nature.

The green mountains adorned with wooden churches are a great destination during summer and fall. In winter they invite ski fans to its snowy mountains.

Tatra Mountains

These are the highest range of mountains between the Alps and the Caucasus.

The rocky peaks are covered year round with snow. The area is full of waterfalls, ponds and valleys. It is the most spectacular of the regions of Poland.


This resort town in the Tatra Mountains is located near the Slovak border. It has been popular with hikers and skiers for centuries. During the 18th and 19th centuries it became Poland’s most known art town.


This city located in the heart of Upland is known by its Jurassic Rocks. It is home of the Jasna Gora Monastery, the biggest Marian sanctuary in the country. It is also known for the Black Madonna of Czestochowa crowned as the Queen of Poland in 1656.

Poland Tourism

The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna "Queen of Poland" in the city of Czestochowa

Poland Tourism


It was called Breslau by the Germans. This is the capital of Lower Silesia and features a huge Old Town built on several islands interconnected by many bridges. The Architecture is Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau. While sightseeing you will note the huge influence left by former empires like the Austrians, Germans and Bohemians.


During the war it was named Danzig by the Germans. This is an important port and in its shipyards was born what was later called the Movement of Solidarity with Lech Walesa at the head. This movement helped bring the end of communism in Eastern Europe. Gdansk located in the Baltic Sea is also a popular vacation spot for locals and touriss from the rest of Europe.

A visit to Auschwitz is a moral duty when visiting Poland

A visit to Auschwitz is a moral duty when visiting Poland

Poland Tourism


This Polish Town is better known for its German name of Auschwitz where the Germans kept the largest concentration and annihilation camp in Poland. More than and million and a half people, mostly Jewish perished here at the hand of the Nazis.


Also known as Marienburg is located in the north of Poland near the Nogat river. The castle on the river bank dating to the early 1200’s, is the largest Gothic Fortress in Europe.

Masurian Lakes

This amazing area is a region of about 3,000 lakes ideal for sailing, cycling, hiking and fishing. The Polish people consider it the number one destination for vacationing. It is complemented by many historical sites and many famous castles in the towns of Reszel, Nidzica and Gizycko and the amazing Baroque church in Swieta Lipka


The town of Zakopane on the slopes of the Tartar Mountains

Poznan Poland

This former Poland’s capital lies midway between Berlin and Warsaw, making it an important town for centuries. It is now restored after being badly damaged during World War II. It has a beautiful Old Town Square


The claim to fame of the town is that famous Polish Astronomer Copernicus was born here. This town dates to the 13th century and was built by Teutonic Knights.


This is larges seaport in Poland and the country seventh largest city. Together with Gdansk it was the cradle of the Solidarity Movement since the 1980’s.

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The picturesque town of Chelm in the southeast of Poland

The picturesque town of Chelm in the southeast of Poland


As a tribute to my late father Jacob, born in Chelm Poland in 1901, I want to mention this important town. It is located in the south near the Ukrainian border and 40 miles from the big city of Lublin.

We visited Chelm as part of our trip to Poland in the 1990’s and noted a busy clean and organized town much bigger and important than the stories my father used to tell.

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