Montenegro Tourism
A Beautiful Balkan Country

Montenegro Tourism a rising Industry since Independence. Established as an independent country in 2006, Montenegro a beautiful Balkan country is becoming a popular tourist destination due to its gorgeous beaches, historic towns and verdant mountains. If you add to this a perfect Mediterranean climate, it is ideal for mountain hiking, whitewater rafting. It is an ideal place to spend your next vacation.

Podgorica the lively Capital of Montenegro

Podgorica the lively Capital of Montenegro


The Capital of Montenegro is a picturesque city on the Morača River with its modern Millennium Bridge and the Stone Bridge over the Ribnica river.

For more information, visit our page on Capital of Montenegro.

Medieval Town of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea

Medieval Town of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea


This is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the Balkans. Located on the Adriatic coast on the Bay of Kotor, it is a walled city surrounded by mountains with amazing charm.

Kotor’s architecture reflects the various empires that ruled over the region, like the Venetian style Old Town with its 12th century Cathedral of Saint Tryphon. The cathedral’s carved stone altar is an exquisite example of the stone masonry skills Kotor was known for in the Middle Ages. If you go up to the upper town walls, you’ll be rewarded by breathtaking views of the city and its bay.


This picturesque town has an abundance of beaches. But what attracts many of the visitors is the vibrant nightlife, making Budva the most popular places in Montenegro.

For beaches you can count on one of the 35 ones in Budva itself or head to nearby Bečići, with beautiful sandy beaches and a laid back atmosphere.

Budva Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery

This major Christian pilgrimage site is also a unique architectural treasure. The entire monastery was carved out of the rock in a nearly vertical mountain cliff. It includes two inner cave churches ornamented by frescoes.

When visiting, you’ll encounter many pilgrims, some of them barefoot going up to visit the shrine and receive a blessing.

Durmitor National Park

This is one of Montenegro’s most beautiful National Parks. In winter is packed with skiers and snowboarders, while on spring, summer and fall it is a heaven for hikers with many routes and kayaking opportunities.

Located around the mountain village of Žabljak, this forested park is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife, birds and butterflies’ lovers.

Perast’s islets

You visit these islets from the nice town of Perast on the Bay of Kotor. Legend says that the islets were created by sailors that upon returning and thanking the Madonna, threw a rock into the sea, thus creating the islet where now stands a church and museum.

Every year on the sunset of July 22nd, an event called fašinada is host by local residents who take their boats and throw rocks into the sea.

Montenegro Tourism

Sveti Stefani a Five-Star Deluxe Hotel in Budva Montenegro

Sveti Stefani a Five-Star Deluxe Hotel in Budva Montenegro

Sveti Stefani

What was once a fishing islet just outside of Budva, is now a luxury five-star resort. You can admire its beauty even if you don’t stay there, from its public beach.

This is a unique destination in the Budva Riviera. It is a rocky island with red roof houses linked to the coast by a narrow isthmus.

Among the guests of this amazing hotels were Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Kirk Douglas.

After years abandoned due to the breakup of the Yugoslavian Republics, it was reopened as a member of the Aman Resorts.

Montenegro Tourism

Njegoš Mausoleum

Located on top of one of the area’s highest peaks is the lavish mausoleum, built to honor one of Montenegro’s most important leaders.

He originally wished to be put to rest in a small chapel that he built himself, it was destroyed during the first world war and this was built as its replacement. The views from the outside, stretch across the most of Montenegro.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar, is called by several names, such as Lake Scutari, Lake Shkodër and Lake Shkodra. It is located on the border with Albania. It is the largest lake in Southern Europe.

It is known for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. It is a laid back park, a third of which belongs to Albania.


Located near the Albanian border it is an ancient seaport, once known as the Pirates Capital of the Adriatic Sea.

Today its claim to fame is its beautiful beaches, such as Plazhee Mahed, or long beach, which is the most popular.

This is a largely Muslim city with many mosques and minarets with a unique appeal.

Gora National Park in Montenegro with a great flora and fauna

Gora National Park in Montenegro with a great flora and fauna

Biogradska Gora National Park

Located between the Tara and Lim rivers in central Montenegro, this National Park has streams, green meadows, lakes and one of the few primeval forest remaining in Europe.

It is one of the smallest parks in the country, with a great diversity of flora and fauna. Lake Biograd is a large glacial located in the heart of the park.

The recent development of the nearby town of Kolašin makes it a popular base for tours of the park.

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