Moldova Tourism
A Small and Interesting Country

Moldova Tourism is on the rise. This is a small landlocked European country located between Romania and Ukraine. The country is still in the process of westernizing, so it keeps its peaceful atmosphere.

It was part of Romania and at the fall of the Soviet Union remained independent but with lots of similarities to Romania. From the historical point of view, Moldova is an intriguing country.

National Museum of Archaeology and History in Chisinau Moldova

National Museum of Archaeology and History in Chisinau Moldova


The Capital of Moldova and its biggest city is more touristic. It features nightclubs, art galleries, restaurants, spas and casinos. The Orange Pyramid at the World War II Memorial is worth a visit.

At the Art Market, you may discover some of the best art that Moldova offers and of course, don’t miss the Nativity Cathedral and the Pushkin Park.


This is an area of three towns and twenty-seven villages, that even though being Christians it resembles the heritage and culture of Turkey.

I discovered that their ancestors are Turkish refugees that were accepted for shelter only if they would convert to Christianity.

Padurea Domneasca

This natural reserve was found only in 1993 and is located in Glodeni. It is the largest in Moldova and features and old oak of more than 500 years.

You could actually look at herons in their nests besides the river, among several other bird species.


The small village features the Holy Trinity Monastery and should not be missed. It is believed that Virgin Mary’s foot imprints and embedded in one of the rocks.

It is an important Pilgrimage site for many Moldovans and Romanians. It is one of the most fascinating tourist sites in Moldova.

Moldova Tourism

Tipova Monastery

Tipova Monastery

Located at the banks of the Dniester River and dug out of the rock, this monastery has three major complexes. It is places on the remote part of Moldova, but getting there gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

The three complexes are the Church of the Feast of the Holy Cross, the Church of St Nicholas and Horodiste.

About twenty monks live in the caves of the monastery, even though each cave could accommodate up to seven hundred of them.

Cricova Winery

During the 15th century, limestone was dug out of here to build Chisinau and the hollow space that remained turned out to be World’s second largest underground winery. An extensive tunnel system was installed underground, beneath 120 kilometers of complex roadways.

It is just 30 minutes away from the capital and there are many guided tours to this interesting place.

Manastirea Curchitt

Some say it is the most beautiful monastery in Moldova. It was a psychiatric hospital during the Soviet Era.

Built near the end of the nineteenth century, it features five churches, several abbeys, monk cells, and a refectory.

Codru National Reservation

Located in the center of the country, it is home to over 1000 protected plant species, 150 bird species and almost 50 mammals and also about six species of reptiles.

It is home to the Natural History Museum located among valleys and ravines from where the views are awe inspiring.

Capriana Monastery

This monastery built in the 15th century holds the largest convent library. It is located among lush forests, and was home to the Moldovan Bishop and one of the first Moldovan poets Chiprian.

It is one of the oldest monasteries in the country, therefore offers great insight on the country’s culture.


Located near the Ukrainian border, this city has the most beautiful views of the Dniester River with medieval architecture.

The Soroca Fortress is one of Moldova’s top tourist attractions. Due to its location it defended the country during the many wars throughout history.

Moldova Flag Description

Moldova Flag Description

The state flag of Moldova is a vertical tricolor of blue, yellow, and red, charged with the coat of arms of Moldova (an eagle holding a shield charged with an aurochs) on the center bar. The obverse is mirrored.

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Map of Moldova

Map of Moldova

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