Mexican Food
The One we eat only in Mexico

Mexican Food is the one you find only in Mexico. All the rest may be good copies or Tex-Mex food like the one you find in the United States, but nothing compares to the food you find in the capital and the other towns of this amazing country.

Mexican Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Mexican Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Our love for Mexican Food

I lived in Mexico and there I found my sweetheart that has been my wife and best friend for over five decades. Needless to say, that we have visited Mexico dozens of times during these years and every time fall in love again with the Mexican food.

Let me show you the top dishes of real Mexican Food, knowing that I may leave out many others. Maybe you want to cooperate and tell me about your favorite Mexican dish.

Chicken with Mole is delicious

Chicken with Mole is delicious


I remember my first reaction more than fifty years ago when I heard that mole has chocolate in it and you eat it with chicken. But once I tried it I remain faithful to mole for life.

It comes with different flavors and variations depending in which Mexican region you are at. It contains about 20 ingredient including chili pepper, chocolate and other species. In Mexico City the most used are the black and green variations of Mole.

By far the most famous is the Mole Poblano, meaning from Puebla the big city to the east of the capital. Its color is black and tastes like a barbecue sauce with some chocolate in it.

In the southern picturesque city of Oaxaca you’ll find a few different moles, just remember that Oaxaca is famous for its chocolate and many species.

Mexican Tamales come in all variations

Mexican Tamales come in all variations

Mexican Tamales

You may find tamales in many countries in the Caribbean basin and of course all over Mexico. But they are different, the Cuban tamales are made of corn filled with pork and seasoned to fill salty and spicy; the Puerto Rican ones are called “pasteles” and are made of green bananas, yautia and are also very spicy.

The Mexican ones are different depending to the region. First of all, tamales are made of corn and come wrapped in a corn leave, but then come all the variations depending on the region they come from.

In Mexico City the most commons are the “Tamales Oaxaqueños”. The corn masa may be sweet or spicy, depending on your taste and your mood. Some are filled with pork, chorizo, meat or chicken. Some are pink and sweet and used as desserts.

Tacos Arabes remind me of our Israeli Shwarma

Tacos Arabes remind me of our Israeli Shwarma

Tacos Arabes

Translated as Arabian Tacos they come from the city of Puebla, again. They are called like that because the meat is very similar to our Mediterranean Shwarma which in Israel it’s one of the top dishes.

The meat is heavy seasoned cooked on a spit and “shaved” of and served in a floor tortilla. I’ve seen them also served on pita bread, but then don’t call them tacos. Let’s stock with tortillas.  As you may see the lovely city of Puebla is very prolific when it comes to real Mexican food.

Tacos al Pastor

This in my opinion are the best ever tacos. It is not important what meat you use, it is important that the meat be well seasoned and cooked in a pit. They are served in small tortillas and you wrap them by yourself and eat it bending forward not to stain your shirt. This is what I call real Mexican Food.

Tacos Campechanos

These are the “Everything Tacos” like the torta Cubana but wrapped in a tortilla. In some places you can make your own taco as if using a salad bar. Mix the meats you like and the different vegetables. It comes accompanied by fried onions on the side.

Mexican Food

Mexican Tortas are fabulous sandwiches

Mexican Tortas are fabulous sandwiches


If you say “tortas” in South America, it means a cake, but not in Mexico. Here it is a sandwich in a roll as opposed to sandwich in the bread used for toasts. In this case they call it sandwiches.

You can have a torta of any imaginable meat, pork, ham, chicken, steak and what makes it a real Mexican torta is that they spread on the bread, guacamole and refried beans.

There is a variation taken from neighboring Cuba, it is called “Torta Cubana” which is the sandwich with everything in it, like ham, pierna (pork leg), Swiss cheese, tomato and pickles. If you like a real “Sandwich Cubano” I invite you to my Cuban friend in Miami. Then you’ll know what a legitimate Sandwich Cubano is.

Mexican Enchiladas of Meat or chesse

Mexican Enchiladas of Meat or chesse


This is simply the tacos filled with meat or cheese cooked in different sauces thus giving the enchiladas different names.

Enchiladas Verdes are made with green spicy sauce.

Enchiladas Rojas are made with tomato sauce and maybe also hot.

Enchiladas Suizas, my favorites, are made with a mild tomato creamy sauce and are usually not spicy, great for new comers to Mexico.


For those outside Mexico this is the equivalent of “nachos”. Those are toasted tortillas covered in green or red salsa, shredded chicken and some sour cream on top.


This is actually a dish passed to the population from the ancient Aztecs. It is made from hominy corn and stewed for hours with chicken pork and vegetable. Some leaved cooking overnight, so the corn can soften and the meat flavors the broth.

Pastel de Tres Leches or Three Milk Cake

Pastel de Tres Leches or Three Milk Cake

Mexican desserts

  • Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie a cinnamon vanilla cheesecake
  • Pastel de Tres Leches or three milk cake
  • Chocolate Tres Leches is the chocolate version of the classic
  • Frozen Margarita Pie is just a Margarita with a creamy filling
  • Cinnamon Tortilla are sugar coated tortillas with cinnamon
  • Mexican Flan is the same as in South America and the Caribbean
  • Spicy Mango Basil Paletas with fresh mango and cayenne pepper
  • Tomalito is a sweet corn pudding or cake
  • Nutty Buñuelos similar to those in Cuba
  • Chocolate Allspice Dessert Nachos are tortillas with chocolate
  • Apple Enchilada Dessert is apple rolled in tortillas.

For more information visit Mexico Tourism Official Website

all images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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