Martinique Island
A French Jewel in the Caribbean

When we first visited Martinique Island our instant impression was emerald green you can see all over. The lush vegetation on this important Caribbean Island is as green as it can be.

La Martinique, birthplace of Josephine Bonaparte is together with Guadeloupe Island and a few smaller ones a French Overseas Department with the seat in Guadeloupe. The other little sisters are St Martin, St Barth, Marie Galante, Iles des Saintes and a few more islets.

You can feel the French ambiance all over the island always keeping the Caribbean Flavor that makes it so particular.

Postcard view of the Island of Martinique

Postcard view of the Island of Martinique

A paradise for birdwatchers

We all remember that Josephine, Napoleon’s empress was originally from the island.

It is located on the Eastern Caribbean, midway between those islands in the north like Antigua and St Martin and Trinidad and Tobago in the South.

As I mentioned the lush vegetation is so varied that include mango trees, coconut palms, hibiscus, bougainvillea and many more. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise because it hosts hummingbirds, blackbirds and multicolored butterflies.

Martinique Cathedral in Fort de France

Martinique Cathedral in Fort de France

The beautiful town of Fort de France is its capital

The capital city of Fort de France is one of the Caribbean most attractive towns and ports.

It is home to a third of the Island’s population. A ferry will take you from Fort de France to Point du Bout, the area of All Inclusive Vacations, some of them with casinos, golf courses and Caribbean nightlife, idyllic for Beach Vacations.

There is also another ferry to Trois Ilets, birthplace of Empress Josephine.

Anse Couleuvre Beach in Martinique Island

Anse Couleuvre Beach in Martinique


In Martinique, no beaches are alike. There are many and very different from one another as they vary by location. The Caribbean side is tranquil and the Atlantic side is rough great for surfing and Caribbean snorkeling.

The North side of the island

On the North the black sand beaches are a testimony to the volcanic origin of the island that emerged from the sea due to an underwater volcanic eruption.

The combination of crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, the black sands and the emerald green vegetation are a delight for all visitors. You’ll find long stretches of exotic beaches or small coves. You’ll decide the best spot for your taste.

No wonder why so many Europeans in general and French in particular make of this island their preferred vacation destination in the Caribbean.

Since our first visit we went back several times.

Martinique Island

Buccaneer’s Creek Club Med Martinique

Buccaneer’s Creek Club Med Martinique

Places of interest

Saint Pierre, once the main city on the island, is built on the ruins of the original town that was destroyed at the beginning of the last century by the volcanic eruption of Mont Pelee. All residents of the town were killed by the blast.

Ajoupa Bouillon, a little village known by its beautiful flowers.

Bellefontaine is a vegetable farming area and also a Caribbean fishing village.

La Trinite has a waterfront walkway that runs the length of the village with many kiosks. It is a growing area for pineapples and sugar cane.

Route de la Trace runs from Fort de France, the capital, to the interior rain forest up to Mont Pelee.

This emerald island is great for Caribbean Sailing Vacations, Caribbean weddings or a romantic Caribbean Vacation. Martinique is quite an experience, a visit to France without crossing the Atlantic.

A typical forest in the Verdant Martinique Island

A typical forest in the Verdant Martinique Island

For more information visit Martinique Official Tourism Website

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Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Martinique island

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Martinique island

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