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Latvia Tourism is on the rise and there are many attractions to be visited in Riga, the Capital of Latvia and the rest of the country. Latvia is located in northeastern Europe bordered by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia.

Riga is the Capital of Latvia

Riga is the Capital of Latvia

One of the Baltic States

It is one of the three Baltic States, together with Lithuania and Estonia. The three countries have maintained their identity despite years of occupation by the Nazis first in 1941 and then by the Soviets after WWII. Latvia regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Latvia is a parliamentary republic established in 1918 with Latvian as their official language. The Latvians are Baltic people with close ties to Lithuania on one side and Estonia on the other. It hosts a large population of ethnic Russians.

Today it is part of the European Union and its currency is the Euro. Its religion is mostly of the Lutheran religion, with small parts of the country being Roman Catholic.

The Picturesque Riga Old Town

The Picturesque Riga Old Town

Main Latvia Tourism Attractions

Riga Old Town

This is the historic center of the Capital of Latvia on the right bank of the Daugava River. It is amazing how many medieval buildings are still there after the survival of to World Wars.

The Dome Cathedral that was begun in the 1,200s, Gothic St Peter with its spire and many more ecclesiastic structures on its narrow streets and cozy squares. “The Three Brothers” are three old houses still standing together but still each one unique

The Old Synagogue, many palaces and the stone Riga Castle are many of the buildings to visit while touring the Old Town of Riga.

But remember that time keeps passing by and today you may find great restaurants and cafes in this historic site.

Anglona Basilica in Latvia dating to the 18th Century

Anglona Basilica in Latvia dating to the 18th Century

Aglona Basilica

This is a picturesque Late Baroque church dating to the 18th century. It is 69 meters high and holds many pieces of art such as paintings and sculptures. The main one is a 17th century Byzantine Icon of the Virgin Mary.

This Basilica is the center of Catholicism in Latvia and Pope John Paul II performed mass there in 1993 and declared it as a Basilica.

Cēsis Castle in Latvia for concerts and other performances

Cēsis Castle in Latvia for concerts and other performances

Cēsis Castle

Cēsis is a lovely ancient town in Latvia where the main attraction is the medieval castle and its surrounding park. It dates to0 the early 16th century and was destroyed and rebuilt many times until this day.

Today it’s an ideal venue for concerts, theatrical productions and other events. Do not miss the local beer brewed by one of the oldest breweries in the Baltic region.

Saint John’s Church

Also located in Cēsis, It was once the tallest building in the country. Constructed in the 13th century it is an impressive structure, despite being destroyed and rebuilt several times. The sound of its great organ echoes through the surrounding streets.

Rundāle Palace is the larges and most beautiful in Latvia

Rundāle Palace is the largest and most beautiful in Latvia

Rundāle Palace

It was constructed between 1736 and 1740 by Italian architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, who also designed the Winter Palace, now the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

It is the largest and most beautiful palace in the Baltic States. It served as a residence of Duke Ernst Johann von Biron, who ruled the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia. It features many paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture and all kind of porcelain, silver and glass from that period.

One of the attractions is the rose garden being the largest in the Baltic with over 2,600 kinds of roses.

Latvia Tourism

The Spa Resort of Jurmala in Latvia The largest in the Baltics

The Spa Resort of Jurmala in Latvia
The largest in the Baltics


This is a Spa Resort, the largest in the Baltic Countries. It is located about 25 Km from Riga and even closer from Riga’s International Airport and an important site of Latvia Tourism.

The mineral resources of the area have attracted tourists since the early 18th century. It features healing waters of mineral springs, medicinal mud for skin treatments and clear healthy air.

The nearby beaches are of the highest standards with white powdery sands and crystal clear waters.

JUrmal is also proud of one of the largest water parks in Northern Europe, the Livu Akvaparks, open year round and seven days a week, with attractions and rides for everyone in the family.

Gauja Nationa Park in Latvia on the Baltic States

Gauja Nationa Park in Latvia on the Baltic States

Gauja National Park

With rivers, lakes and streams this is largest national park in Latvia. It offers an array of recreation facilities and sports, like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, bicycling. It features over 900 species of plants, about 150 types of birds and 50 kinds of animals in an area of more than 900 Sq Km.

It features the cliffs of Zvārte and Ērgļi, many castles and museums and the historic towns of Sigulda, Valmiera and Cēsis with affordable hotels and charming inns for the comfort of visitors.

For more information visit Latvia Tourism Website

The Red Brick Bridge in Kuldiga in Latvia

The Red Brick Bridge in Kuldiga in Latvia

Kuldīga’s Old Town – and the Rumba

This town is of incomparable beauty and looks untouched since the 17th and 18th centuries. Its downtown with the narrow streets and one storey wooden houses is the paradise for artists who want to depict its beauty.

Its red brick bridge spanning over the Venta River are now applying for UNESCO Heritage Site status. It is also famous for the Rumba Waterfall also known as the Venta Rumba. Here you may see salmon and sturgeon leaping up the 250 wide falls.

This town offers on a regular basis, arts festivals, painters’ workshops, craft fairs and farmer’s markets.

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