Krakow Tourism
Most Beautiful City in Poland

When mentioning Krakow Tourism, we should know that this is the most beautiful city in Poland and since it was the seat of the Third Reich, it was never destroyed by the Germans during WWII.

Located in the south of Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic, it is a medieval city with some remnants of its walls.

Fabulous Main Square in Krakow

Fabulous Main Square in Krakow

Main Market Square

Called locally Rynek Glówny, it is the world largest medieval market square and the # 1 attraction in Krakow. It is located in the center of the Old Town, which is where you’ll spend most of the time.

It is the ambiance what makes this site so popular, people coming and going, many stalls with souvenirs and places to eat and have a nice cup of coffee.

Krakow Tourism

Kazimierz is the former Jewish neighborhood of Krakow

Kazimierz is the former Jewish neighborhood of Krakow


Located south of the city, this is the former Jewish neighborhood. It was the center of Jewish life for over 500 years. During the Soviet era it was slowly destroyed. In the 1990s after the fall of the communist regime it was renewed, to become the trendiest district of the city, with historical sites and a bohemian atmosphere.

Visit the old cemeteries and synagogues, all made famous through the eyes of Schindler and Spielberg through the years.

Each summer, since 1988 a Jewish Culture Festival is celebrated in Kazimierz’s streets, to show the visitors the city’s pre-was rich Jewish presence.

St. Mary's Basilica

Called Kosciól Mariacki, this Gothic style church, is located on the eastern corner of Main Square. Destroyed by the Tatars, it was rebuilt in the 14th century. It features two towers of different styles and heights.

The main attraction here is the wooden altarpiece found on the wall near the entrance.

Wawel Cathedral

Located on Wawel Hill neighborhood, this is one of Catholic Poland’s most important places of worship. Saint Stanislaus is buried here along with many Polish monarchs and other famous Poles

You may also visit the Cathedral’s museum and the gardens with access to cafes, restaurants and gift shops.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Located about 14 km from downtown Krakow this salt mine is a labyrinth of tunnels, about 300 km distributed over nine levels, the deepest being 327meter underground.

The mine is renowned for the preservative qualities of its microclimate, as well as for its health-giving properties.

Kosciuszko Mound

This mound was dedicated to Polish and American military hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. It was erected between 1820 and 1823 after his death with soil from both American and Polish battlefields where he fought.

The views over the city are spectacular since its only 3 km from the Old Town.

Map of Poland and its neighbors showing the location of Krakow

Map of Poland and its neighbors showing the location of Krakow

For more information visit Krakow Official Tourism Website

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