Jamaica Tourism
Millions of Visitors a Year

Jamaica Tourism welcomes millions of visitors a year. Some come with cruises arriving Ocho Rios Jamaica or Montego Bay Jamaica or some fly to Jamaica and don’t dare to miss a visit to the famous Dunn River falls.

There is an array of tours covering the falls and plan to mention here a few. I hope you have a story of your visit to the falls and will share it with our readers.

About 900 feet high, the Dun River Falls are located near Ocho Rios. They are in the form of terraces and intermediate lagoons.

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Dunns River Falls is the # 1 attraction in Jamaica
The most popular attraction in Jamaica

Dunns River Falls is the # 1 attraction in Jamaica

Dunn River Falls and Bamboo Beach Club

Visit the famous Dunn’s River Falls. The guide will take you along the easiest paths as you climb to the top. Then slide to the many intermediate pools of the falls.

Visit Bamboo Beach Club and joy its bamboo huts, white sand like powder and above all an experience of relaxation and fun.

Take a swim and enjoy the local music while you sip some mojitos or any other drink of your taste. And very important the food doesn’t stop coming from all sides. Jamaica food is out of this world. 

Enjoy the Bobsled one of Jamaica Attractions

Enjoy the Bobsled one of Jamaica Attractions

Bobsled Jamaica & Dunns River Falls

Drive to the falls and follow your guide to the top and enjoy the sliding and swimming. Board your bus for a drive to Mystic Mountain and embark the Sky Explorer to “fly” through the tropical forest. Finally climb into the bobsled and be ready for a life experience as it plunges 3,300 feet of twists and turns.

Mini-Boat Adventure & Dunn's River Falls

It starts with a bus drive to the falls. Like in the previous tours, you’ll be guided to the top by your guide. You will be instructed about the different places of interest and how to operate your own mini-boat. Fill the thrill of being your own “captain”.  Arrive at Dolphin Cove and stroll through the town of Port Royal Jamaica.

Shark Encounter & Dunn's River Falls

Shark Encounter & Dunn's River Falls

After visiting the Dunn’s River falls, be transported to Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef and meet the most fascinating sharks. You will get instructions on how to interact with them safely.

You may touch, caress and even swim in the same waters with them under the supervision of highly trained personnel. Spend some time at Dolphin Cove and stroll through the jungle to visit your friends the iguanas, birds and snakes.

Jamaica Tourism

Dolphin Cove is one of the many Jamaica Attractions

Dolphin Cove is one of the many Jamaica Attractions

Ultimate Beach Break at Dolphin Cove & Falls

First visit the falls. Drive to Dolphin Cove for a welcome drink. Watch the dolphins interact with others, you can do it too. Spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach with a soft breeze cooling the beach day.

18th Century Estate & Ultimate Beach Experience

Visit Prospect Plantation and experience Old Jamaica History on an open carriage drive. See the ostriches and the butterflies. Depart for Dolphin Cove. Enjoy the beach. Jamaica Beaches are among the world’s most beautiful.

Horseback riding on the amazing Jamaica Beaches

Horseback riding on the amazing Jamaica Beaches

Jamaica Tourism Inland

Beach Horseback Riding

This tour takes you to Chukka Cove Beach where you will ride a horse along the shoreline through the waves.

Bob Marley Bus Adventure

Board an authentic Jamaican Bus of Zion Bus Line. Drive to the hills for a visit of Bob Marley’s birthplace. Tour St Ann as your guide tells you the stories of Bob Marley childhood. While you listen to Reggae your driver will take you to Nine Mile historic town. Stop on the way for Jamaican lunch of Jerk Chicken. This is a typical Jamaican plate.

Breezes, Runaway Bay Golf Club

For those of you the golfers visit Super Clubs Golf Course. It was designed by Mayor John Harris from Britain and opened in 1960.

"Fly" over the Jamaican Jungle on the Canopy Adventure Tours

It starts with the first platform as you start soaring through a harness system of pulleys. You arrive to the next platform 45 feet above the ground.

See the Laughlands River Gorge and observe the plants and animals of this marvelous natural site. From that altitude you’ll get a glimpse of the Caribbean Sea. This is one of many Jamaica Attractions.

Bamboo Beach Club

This is an actual visit to Paradise. Enjoy a great white sand beach with Caribbean Bamboo Huts and almond trees. This a real relaxation experience. Live entertainment is always there, as you enjoy your favorite drink, and of course lots of Jamaican food.

Rafting on the Martha Brae is one more attraction in Jamaica

Rafting on the Martha Brae a Jamaica Tourism attraction

After a one hour drive you arrive to Martha Brae Rafter’s Village. After visiting the local herb garden you will be taken to your raft. This raft is made for two and you will glide slowly down the Martha Brae River. It is a 3-mile ride downstream and takes approximately 2 hours.

River Tubing Safari

It starts at the “Spanish Bridge”, a 17th Century landmark.  Start your three-mile adventure down the White River. Finally stop for a Jerk Chicken Lunch at White River Valley.

There are so many things to do in Jamaica… This is a big island home to the most beautiful beaches, rivers, mountains and everything a tourist needs to have a great time.

Jamaica Flag

Jamaica Flag Description

The national flag of Jamaica consists of a gold saltire or diagonal cross, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green at the top and bottom, and two black at the hoist and fly.

“The sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative” is the symbolism of the colors of the flag.

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Map of the Caribbean showing the Island of Jamaica

Map of the Caribbean showing the Island of Jamaica

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