Italian cuisine
Delicious and simple to prepare

Italian cuisine is worldwide renowned and there is no country in the world without one or many Italian Restaurants. It is simple and delicious as well as very varied due to the many regions of Italy where it comes from.

Fresh, flavorful, and delightfully simple, the Italian cuisine is like dolce vita on the plate. Eating is one of the greatest joys of traveling in Italy, a vivid insight into each region’s culture and traditions. Their dishes are made with seasonal, unpretentious ingredients.

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Our Pizza Napolitana like by children and adults alike

Our Pizza Napolitana liked by children and adults alike

Pizza Napolitana

Some people think that Pizza is the ultimate Italian Food. It is not exactly that, but it is for sure the number one export to the world of Italian Cuisine.

As the name implies it is original from Napoli, south of Rome in the Campania region. Invented in the 18th or 19th century it is basically a flat bread topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and some olive oil.

There are three official versions of Pizza Napolitana, but Margherita is the most famous and the most known and sold in American restaurants

Most American also think the pizza is theirs due to the large immigration of Italians to New York, first and the rest of the country later. They added many different ingredients to make it more exclusive to the different establishments.

Ossobuco alla Milanese

A delicious Milanese specialty, ossobuco consists of veal shanks cooked slowly in white wine, meat broth, and vegetables. The traditional recipe, born probably in late 19th century in one of the city’s neighborhood Osterie, doesn’t include tomatoes and is finished with gremolata, a fresh seasoning made with lemon zest, garlic, and parsley.

Sicilian Caponata

This dish made of eggplant is like the rest of the Sicilian food, a mix of Greek, Arab and Spanish influences.

The main ingredient of this warm vegetable salad is the aubergine, but the gorgeous sweet and sour sauce makes it such an unforgettable vegetarian treat. It usually contains onions, celery, capers, and whatever vegetables people have in their kitchens.


Italian Cuisine

Lasagna Bolognese delicious Italian dish

Lasagna Bolognese delicious Italian dish

Lasagna Bolognese

As the name implies it comes from Bologna in northern Italy. It is also the oldest of Pasta recipes, made by alternating layers of pasta sheets, meat, sauce, and cheese.

Although there are countless ways to prepare this favorite food, the most popular variation remains the classic Lasagne alla Bolognese, made with Ragù, which is meat based Bolognese sauce, Béchamel sauce, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Lasagne Napolitana, on the other hand, contains meatballs, sausage, as well as ricotta and mozzarella cheese instead of Béchamel sauce, and is usually served in Naples during the Carnival.


Associated with the area of Liguria in the north, it is one of Italy’s most delicious types of bread.

There are many versions, but the one of Genoa and the Italian Riviera, Focaccia alla Genovese, also known as Fugassa is said to be the best in the world.

This is typically made with a combination of soft and hard wheat flour, yeast, water, salt, and high quality extra virgin olive oil.


This is the equivalent of the Spanish Tapas and are served manly in Venice’s wine bars called bacari.

It can be anything such as creamed cod called baccalà mantecato or artichoke hearts. They are usually accompanied by a small glass of wine.

Panzanella Salad for the hot summer months of Italy

Panzanella Salad for the hot summer months of Italy

Panzanella salad

This delicious bread and tomato salad is usually served in central Italy during the hot summer months. It is known as a peasant dish that has its origins in the green fields of Tuscany, where farmers had to rely on locally grown products to feed themselves.

Today Panzanella is mad of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and leftover bread, all seasoned with olive oil and vinegar.

It truly doesn’t follow a particular recipe, but two ingredients are a must, tomato and bread.


Tiramisu, from Italian, literally translated "pick me up", "cheer me up" or "lift me up, is a popular coffee-flavored Italian custard dessert. It is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, seasoned with cocoa. The recipe has been adapted into many varieties of cakes and other desserts


This is simply ice cream which over the years have been perfected in Italy since the Renaissance period.

May claim the ice cream was invented in the court of the Medici family in Florence. Some say that by Florentine architect and designer Bernardo Buontalenti or by the court’s alchemist Cosimo Ruggieri.

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