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The Emerald Island

Welcome to Ireland Tourism, a country of rich culture, friendly people and awe-inspiring landscapes. The Capital of Ireland, Dublin, was designated as the UNESCO City of Literature in 2010.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher

This is a site that appears in all tourist cards about the Emerald Isle. This is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction with a good reason. They are located about one and a half hours drive by car from Galway in Clare County. They stretch for about eight km. along the Atlantic Ocean and in the highest point they measure 214 meters.

Grafton Street in Dublin

Grafton Street in Dublin

An important attraction in Dublin, the capital, it is full with shops, flower-sellers and performers. Of course, full of restaurants and cafes. It makes you feel you are in Lisbon or Barcelona.

Enjoy your visit by strolling from the bottom of the street to St Stephen's Green at the top. Have some coffee or the legendary Irish Breakfast.

Killarney National Park

Spectacular Killarney National Park, should be top of your attractions list. It is world renowned for its three lakes. It was visited once by Queen Victoria and the house and gardens were remodeled and refurbished for the visit.

The adjacent Traditional Farms are also well worth taking in for a taste of how the ordinary folk once lived.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

This is the place for those interested in Ireland’s trouble past. It was here that the leaders of the 1916 uprising were brought, convicted and executed for high treason.

In Irish eyes, Kilmainham became an irrevocable symbol of oppression and persecution. A visit here will open your eyes and senses and remain with you forever.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

The Ring of Kerry

This is the Ireland Tourism most scenic route, mostly from Kenmare or Killarney and ending in the same spot. The entire journey can take about three hours, but it will probably take more, due to the many places for jaw-dropping Atlantic views on route.

There is a range of activities such as golf, water sports on pristine beaches, cycling, walking, horse-riding, and terrific freshwater fishing and deep-sea angling.

Ireland Tourism

Powerscourt House and Gardens

Powerscourt House and Gardens

Located just 20 km from Dublin, this amazing home, now owned by the Slazenger family, is set on 47 well-manicured acres with beautiful views, lakeside walks and the stunning backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain.

There are more than 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowers, and particularly moving is a section where much-loved family pets were buried complete with headstones and inscriptions.

The gardens are a work that took 150 years and were designed to blend harmoniously with the area.

The Little Museum of Dublin

This is a new attraction in Dublin where the visitor will get acquainted with Ireland’s history. It has personally guided tours, including Dublin by Land & Sea and The Green Mile Walking Tour. This is a joyful museum that celebrates Dublin with all its quirkiness and humor.

The Rock of Cashel

Perched upon a limestone rock formation in the Golden Vale, this magnificent group of Medieval buildings includes the High Cross and Romanesque Chapel, the 12th century round tower, a 15th century castle, and a 13th century Gothic cathedral. Tourist attractions include an audio-visual show and exhibitions.

Blarney Castle  

Located not far from Cork, it is one of the top attractions of Ireland Tourism. It is behind Blarney Castle which was built more than 600 years ago.

You may visit this amazing place from its towers to its dungeons and the expansive gardens surrounding it.

The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula

This is a 2,700 km waymarked route around Ireland's west and adjacent coasts, combining wild beauty, history, and a glimpse of traditional Irish culture and language.

In this area the Irish language and culture are protected by government subsidies. You'll hear Gaelic spoken and sung, and read it on signs, although everyone also speaks English.

For more information visit Ireland Tourism Official Website

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Flag of Ireland

Flag of Ireland

The national flag of Ireland, frequently referred to as the Irish tricolor, the national flag and ensign of the Republic of Ireland. The flag itself is a vertical tricolor of green, white and orange.

Map of Ireland the Emerald Island

Map of Ireland the Emerald Island

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