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Georgia Tourism is very popular in the last few decades. The Republic of Georgia that was part of the Soviet Union is located in the intersection of Asia and Europe, with lovely Caucasus Mountain Villages and Black Sea Beaches.

The Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is renowned for its particular architecture and cobblestones narrow streets in the old town.

Tbilisi the Capital of the Republic of Georgia

Tbilisi the Capital of the Republic of Georgia


Any visit to Georgia starts with its capital Tbilisi, showcasing the country’s history, culture and architecture. It is a mélange of modern infrastructure and old buildings like the ones in the old town.

This city will not disappoint the visitor, with its many restaurants offering International and Georgian Cuisine. You’ll be surprised by the varied opportunities for nightlife enjoyment. And besides all this this capital city is the starting point for all tours to this gorgeous country.


Batumi Georgia with beautiful beaches in the Black Sea

Batumi Georgia with beautiful beaches in the Black Sea


This sea side resort on the Black Sea is the perfect example of Georgia Beaches. It is a vibrant town with many shops and restaurants. Sea facing bars across from a unique pebbled beach and an amazing promenade

Batumi features modern architecture, a huge botanical garden and above all access to the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea. During summers is the paradise for Russians, Georgians and International visitors.

Georgia Tourism

Narikala Fortress

This is the # 1 landmark in Georgia. This is famous 4th century fortress located in Tbilisi. It was built by the Persians. It provides a magnificent view of Old Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River.

Mount Kazbek

If you like hiking, this is the place to be while in Georgia. It is part of the Caucasus Mountains and one of highest on this region. The panoramic views from top are breathtaking.

Gergeti Trinity Church

The awe inspiring Gergeti Trinity Church is perched on a hilltop at a height of 2,160 meters above sea level. It was built in the 14th century with the Caucasus Mountains in the background.

Mtskheta the spiritual heart of Georgia

Mtskheta the spiritual heart of Georgia


If you want to feel the soul of real Georgia, visit this, one of its oldest towns. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered the spiritual heart of Georgia.

It features a few amazing landmarks such as St Nino Monastery, Armazi Fortress, Jvary Monastery as well breathtaking churches like the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

Georgia Tourism


This a 12th century monastery or cave carved into the Georgian mountains. You may access it by climbing up the mountain for at least half an hour. It has many mysterious tunnels and rooms deep inside the mountain.


Located in the region of Svaneti it may be reached by plane from Tbilisi. It has kept its culture against all invaders that range from the Mongols, the Persians, the Ottomans and lately the Soviets.

It is becoming an important tourist destination promoted by the Georgian government.


This is a group of villages high on the Caucasian mountains. It may be accessed only by a dirt road from Mestia. It is a surreal area that you should visit if you have some extra time. Those adventurous may stay with a local family for a small fee and perhaps be treated with a sumptuous meal.

The flag of Georgia

The flag of Georgia

Also known as the Five Cross Flag, is one of the national symbols of Georgia. Originally a banner of the medieval Kingdom of Georgia, it was brought back to popular use in the late 20th and early 21st centuries during periods of the Georgian national revival. Prior to obtaining its official status in 2004, the flag was popularized by the United National Movement and served as one of the most recognizable symbols of the Rose Revolution.

Map of the Republic of Georgia and its neighbors

Map of the Republic of Georgia and its neighbors

For more information visit Georgia Official Tourism Website

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metskheta by marcin konsek
verdzia by levan gokadze
mestia by aleksey muhranoff
ushguli by jaba1977

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