French Tourism
Number One in the World

French Tourism is no doubt the number ONE in the world. France together, with Spain is the country with most tourists per year in the planet.

France is romantic, artistic, historical and above all lovely. It features such landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the French Riviera that mesmerize the world visitors arriving to its shores.

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arc de triomph

The Arch de Triomphe stands proud in the center of Paris

We are writing many pages about France in our site and about French Beaches in our sister site World Beaches. Here we are going to summarize the most important sites you want to visit in France. Places you won’t miss for sure.

Paris, the Capital is the Anchor for French Tourism

Somebody called her ‘The Capital of the World” and I couldn’t agree more. Paris has all the charm that no other place has. So let us enumerate a few of the most important landmarks of Paris. There are many things to do in Paris.

• The Eiffel Tower

This is the place that people look for the moment they arrive in Paris; actually they can see it from the plane if it flies over the city.

This impressive structure has been amazing visitors for more than a century. Undoubtedly, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most essential sites to see in France. Here are some of Eiffel towers facts.

chartres cathedra

The Chartres Cathedral in all its splendor

French Tourism

• The Louvre Museum

This important world museum is host to some of the most important pieces of art like the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo. No with modern Pyramid in front of the museum this is a place nobody should miss while visiting France.

• Chartres Cathedral

Built in the 12th Century this Gothic style Cathedral surpasses any other one built on that period of time. The grandeur of its architecture has brought visitors to its doors for more than 800 years. The Sancta Camisa on display is believed to be the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary during the birth of Christ.

• Palace of Versailles

For this palace you have to leave the city but it is worth the effort. It was the home of the French Monarchy and is full with art, history and romance. Its gardens are amazing and its inside awe inspiring. Nobody should miss a visit to Versailles when in France.

• Arc de Triomphe

Standing proud in the middle of the city in an immense roundabout called L’Etoile, or the star where many important Paris Avenues converge, stands this Arch built by Napoleon to honor his army.

The main artery running through the arch is the Avenue of Champs Elysees that runs from the Louvre in a straight line through Place de la Concorde, the Arch de Triomphe and La Defense.

French Tourism

versailles palace

The Palace and the Gardens of Versailles near Paris

French Tourism

• Seine River

Hundreds of songs have been written about this romantic river that flows through the city of Paris all the way to the English Channel.

This river is an essential part of French Culture. If you take a boat ride through the Seine you will see many important sites of the city.

More important landmarks of Paris

• Les Invalides Dome
• Notre Dame
• Montmartre
• Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
• Orsay Museum

river seine pari

The River Seine passing through the City of Paris

Other important sites for French Tourism beside Paris

• Normandy

It takes about four hours by car to get to this fabulous region. The beaches in the area of Deauville are great with chic hotels and luxury boutiques.

A day in this region is an experience while noting that the culture here is different from Paris. Some of France’s best dining is featured here. Some of the best French Beaches are located in this region.

If you are interested in History this is where all happened during World War II that changed the face of Europe and perhaps the rest of the world.

• Giverny

This is the home of Monet. The quiet surroundings with its scenic views inspired many of his works. Here you get acquainted with a more humble side of France. Visit Monet’s house that has been restored to look as it was when he lived here.

• French Riviera

Known as the Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera has been for year the meeting point of European Royalty and many celebrities.

About 120 km long it features places like St Tropez, Nice, Cannes and the Principality of Monaco. French Riviera Beaches are among the best in Europe and visited by thousands.


The magical region of Provence

French Tourism

• Mount Saint Michel

On top of Mount Saint Michel is the castle, a historical monument that appears on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

• Nice

There is always something for you to do in Nice. Beautiful beaches, impressive buildings with more impressive landscapes. This is where you should stay at least a day or two.

• Corsica

This is an island that belongs to France along the Italian coast. It has a strong Italian atmosphere. The diversity of its landscape makes Corsica a Mediterranean Sea Pearl.

The perfect white beaches and blue crystal clear waters make it a perfect holiday destination between the months of May to October. Maybe you should avoid July and August because of the extremely high temperatures.

• Provence

This is a magical area where you’ll see roads shadowed by cypresses and many other bushes and flowers like Oleander and Sunflowers and idyllic cottages with red roofs. For an extended holiday with your family, there is no place like Provence.

For more information visit the French Tourism Website

mount st miche

The Castle on Top of Mount Saint Michel

• Bretagne

Is an area in northwestern France that fall deep into the Atlantic. The Bretons are a class apart and are proud of them being different from the other French people.

They have maintained many affinities with the Celts and keep very powerful traditions. Brittany may be divided in two areas, northeast of Rennes to St Malo and the Channel coast and Cote d'Armor, northern Brittany coast.

• Lourdes

Once a small town, it has become the largest place of pilgrimage in the world. It is located on both sides of the river Gave de Pau. Every year thousands of pilgrims come here Catholics who believe the Virgin Mary appeared here eighteen times.

• Dordogne Valley

This region of Aquitaine shows us many castles and caves containing pre-historical art, like Cascaux Gaume and Grotte, 14 000 years old.

Artistic examples of these caves were created by people of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. This region features fortified towns and villages.

• Loire valley

It is often called “The Garden of France”. The French Kings lived here like “Kings” and you can do it too while visiting the Loire Valley Castles and tasting its wine. Chateau de Chambord is one of the important castles in the area.

French Tourism is growing and it is a nonstop industry.

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provence by gialiang gao

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