European Journeys
A Journey through History

I want to give you a few examples of European Journeys for families, couples and singles. The Old Continent is the #1 Destination of the World in the number of arrivals.

If you add just France and Spain you already reached the top, so imagine if we add the other 25 to 30 countries that make this beautiful and historic continent.

There are many possibilities for your next vacation and you may repeat Europe many times without repeating the countries.

prague castle

Prague Castle at night
European Journeys
in Czech Republic

Eastern European Journeys

This area of Europe has changed in twenty something years more than any other places in a hundred years. After the fall of the Soviet Union these countries have developed to be democratic, economically solid and a great tourist attraction.

Hungary – Visit Buda and Pest, that together make the picturesque Hungarian Capital of Budapest. Its bridges over the Danube and a Danube Cruise are some of the highlights. The countryside and Lake Balaton are some other places to visit.

Czech Republic – We were in Prague in 1990 when it was grey and sad. I remember thinking what a great city and what great architecture. A couple of decades later Prague is in my eyes the Paris of the East. Visit the Old Town, Charlie’s Bridge and the many castles and museums.

Slovakia – After the split of Czechoslovakia the eastern part became Slovakia with its capital in Bratislava. This is a beautiful mountain country with lots of vegetation and beautiful sights.

royal palace warsaw poland

The Royal Castle in Warsaw Capital of Poland

Eastern European Journeys

Romania – It was once the “Bread Basket of Europe”. After a terrible dictatorship, Romania took more time to recover. Today as a member of the EU it welcomes visitors from all over the world. Visit the capital city Bucharest, the beach port of Constanta, pronounced Constantza, on the Black Sea and the Dracula region of Transylvania

Bulgaria – This beautiful Balkan Country has also access to the Black Sea through Varna a great beach destination in Europe. Sofia, the capital is home to many monuments and museums.

Poland – You need several days to cover this spectacular country, because it is large and has so many important sites. Warsaw is a cosmopolitan capital in the center of the country, but Krakow near the tartar Mountains is the highlight of your trip.

Its Old Town area with its Jewish Market is an important landmark to visit. Another important visit for all is Auschwitz, the former Concentration Camp where you’ll learn firsthand the History of the Holocaust.

In my case, I also visited the city of Chelm, near Lublin, the birthplace of my Father.

The Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were independent countries until World War II when they were occupied by the Soviets. Now independent again they are part of the European Union and thriving like all former Soviet Republic. Tallinn in Estonia is a popular Baltic Port for the top Cruise lines.

• The Balkan States – It was once Yugoslavia and now the independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and lately Kosovo.

Now in peace with each other after horrible year of war, they offer the perfect place to visit for those that have seen it all. My number one destination is Croatia with amazing beaches on the Adriatic Sea and the jewel of the crown Dubrovnik.

European Journeys

european river cruises

European River Cruises are a great way spend your
European Vacations

European River Cruises

A few very important companies offer cruise through the Rivers of Europe on magnificent vessels that are practically Floating Luxury Hotels, stopping in places through the journey that you would miss on a regular bus tours. This is a great way to spend your European Vacations.

European Castles

The European Castles date back to the First Century AD and continued to be built during hundreds of years through the history of wars and conquests of Europe.

They were meant to be for defense purposes, since Europe was divided and subdivided into feudal tiny countries and principalities.

Today they stand as homage to these times of glory on one side and extreme poverty on the other. Many of the castles are still inhabited by its residents and some are open for public visits. There are many tours offering visits to European Castles year round.

amalfi coast italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy from Positano in the west
to Vietri sul Mare in the east

Travel Europe by Train

Europe has a railway system like no other in the world. Much before the age of airplanes and jets, the train was used for transportation and it became massive through the years.

I traveled Europe with a friend at 18 year of age. We used to travel on 5th category if it existed, slept on the train during nights and continued sleeping on the station benches until the sun came out and we started visiting the city of the day. For about three weeks we covered many countries of Europe.

Traveling by Train on your European Vacations could be a great experience, especially if you can afford better accommodations. There are many Railway Passes to fit your budget and schedule. That way with one fare paid in advance you may go on one train and jump into another without worrying about costs.

europe by train

One of the greatest pleasures is Traveling Europe by Train

Other European Countries

On this site we have full pages dedicated to all countries. We talk about the other important destinations like:

Greece Tourism – Athens, Thessaloniki and the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes and all the others. To visit the islands it is wise to take one of the 3, 4 and 7 day cruises offered from Piraeus, Greece.

French Tourism – As I said, France is the number one touristic destination in the world. Visit Paris, the French Riviera, Provence and the countryside.

Spanish Holidays – Spain is second in tourism but a first in the hearts of many. Madrid and Barcelona are the most important cities.

And as important are Seville, Granada, Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao with its Guggenheim Museum. The Spanish beaches on the Mediterranean are flocked by tourists from the rest of Europe to a point that in August you won’t find a spot where to seat in any beach. Spain is the ideal place for European Journeys.

Map of Europe

Map of Europe

European Journeys

Travel to Italy – Italy is one of the European Countries with the best museums and landmarks to visit. Rome, Florence and Venice offer the History of Europe in one country.

The Italian Beaches on the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Seas and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia are to die for. And please let’s not forget the Amalfi Coast, extending from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east

• British Holidays – The United Kingdom has to be visited in several steps. Scotland on the north with the great city of Edinburgh and its famous castle, Wales and the countryside and England with its Royal Capital, London, a city belonging to the world.

Here I summarized several ideas for European Journeys; keep reading for more, please.

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prague castle by frank spakowski
river cruise by lynn lantz
amalfi coast by charlie dave
train snow by kabelleger - david gubler
royal castle warsaw n/a
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