European Capitals

Talking about European Capitals, we have to understand that Europe, the Old Continent, was under the control of many empires throughout the years and many of them dedicated a lot of effort and money to make their capitals the best and finest.

Today we have, to our delight, beautiful imperial cities full of palaces and amazing architecture.

On this page I am going to list the Capitals of Europe by country. You will notice that I will mention capitals only and not the big cities that are not a capital for the purpose of this page or group of pages with the description of each one.

paris france

Paris is the Capital of France and the Capital of the World

The most impressive European Capitals

There are a few of them that we have to mention separately. This is a matter of taste, in my case. They are so important, so big and so beautiful that they attract most of the European Tourism.

• Paris – The Capital of France has been called by many the Capital of the World. No matter how many times you have visited Paris, you always want more. If the weather allows it, this is a city for walking.

One day my wife and I started at the famous Arch de Triomphe and walked all day long through the Champs Elysees to the Pace de la Concord, to the Louvre Museum and even went by foot all the way to Sacre Coeur.

• Budapest – When I visited Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, for the first time in the 1980s it was sad and grey. I have been back several times to find a city that compares with Paris or Madrid in everything.

One of the Imperial Cities of Europe, this city divided into hilly Buda and flat Pest by the Danube River, Budapest has become one of the most important cities in Europe when it comes to arrival of visitors.

European Capitals

hungarian parliament in budapest

Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on the Danube River

European Capitals

• Prague – The Czech capital is one of my loved ones. I have been privileged to know the Prague of decades ago and the Prague of today, and every time I like it more. A stroll through Charlie’s Bridge, walking the length of Wenceslaus Square or standing in front of the ever changing clock on the Old Town is a treat that I wish for every tourist.

• Berlin – The eternal Capital of Germany, hidden from the world for more than forty years, is now the unified Capital of all Germans that are so proud of it. Visiting Berlin is like visiting an open museum. Every corner is a part of history in this great capital.

• Madrid – The Capital of Spain is the capital of the Ibero-American World. For all Latin Americans, Spain is the “Madre Patria” or the Motherland, and Madrid the favorite city. This city lives 24 hours a day nonstop.

During the day it’s a business city and in the evening it’s a city of pleasure. Hundreds of Restaurants, theaters, bars are open until the wee hours and you wonder when they sleep.

stockholm sweden

The Old Town of Stockholm the Capital of Sweden

European Capitals

• Albania - Tirana
• Andorra - Andorra la Vella
• Armenia - Yerevan
• Austria - Vienna
• Azerbaijan - Baku
• Belarus - Minsk
• Belgium - Brussels
• Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo
Bulgaria - Sofia
Croatia - Zagreb
• Cyprus - Nicosia
• Czech Republic - Prague
Denmark - Copenhagen
Estonia - Tallinn
Finland - Helsinki
France - Paris
• Georgia - Tbilisi
Germany - Berlin
Greece - Athens
• Holy See - Vatican City
Hungary - Budapest
Iceland - Reykjavík
• Ireland - Dublin
Italy - Rome
• Kosovo - Pristina
• Latvia - Riga
• Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Lithuania - Vilnius
• Luxembourg - Luxembourg
• Macedonia - Skopje
• Malta - Valletta
• Moldova - Chisinau
• Monaco - Monaco
• Montenegro - Podgorica
• Netherlands - Amsterdam and The Hague
Norway - Oslo

travel to italy

The tiny enclave in Italy of the Republic of San Marino

Poland - Warsaw
Portugal - Lisbon
• Romania - Bucharest
Russia - Moscow
• San Marino - San Marino
• Serbia - Belgrade
Slovakia - Bratislava
Slovenia - Ljubljana
Spain - Madrid
Sweden - Stockholm
Switzerland - Bern
Turkey - Ankara
• Ukraine - Kyiv
United Kingdom - London

slovakia tourism

Bratislava Castle is the largest Castle in Slovakia

In the coming pages we'll provide more information about each of these European Capitals.

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budapest by styli camataros
san marion by apper
slovakia castle n/a
stockholm n/a

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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