Europe Bike Tour
The Dream of Every Cyclist

What can be better than a Europe Bike Tour to explore this old charming Continent. Europe offers everything for bikers, from beautiful valleys to tall mountains, from small villages to huge metropolitan areas in all its countries.

Here are a few of the most popular routes:

The Hungarian Parliament on the Danube in Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament on the Danube in Budapest

The Danube River

The Danube River is a great way to start your Europe Bike Tour. Following the largest river in Europe is a flat route and easy to do.

It passes through Vienna, the Capital of Austria, Budapest the Capital of Hungary and it finally flows into the Black Sea in Romania.

The starting point of this 2850 km cycling route is in Germany at the confluence of the rivers Breg and Brigach and ends on his delta near Tulcea in Romania, passing through eight countries.

Europe Bike Tour

The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

Dalmatian Coast

This is an amazing way to experience the splendor of Croatia riding through the rugged Dalmatian coastline with awesome views of the Adriatic Sea and the Croatian Islands.

This is a very affordable bike tour and a great way to mix it with visiting the awe-inspiring Croatia Beaches.

At the end I recommend spending a few days in the “out of the world” city of Dubrovnik.

The Renaissance Route

This tour based on culture goes through stunning cities like Salzburg, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

That includes passing the Austrian Alps which is by itself an experience, then when you enter Italy indulge yourself on pizza and wine all the time.

The Eastern Bloc

This is a short bike route cycle going from Germany and ending in the beautiful capital city of Prague.

This tour takes you via amazing countryside villages and towns in both countries.

The Loire Valley

This area is the home of the Tour de France. This tour going from west to east is one of the best in France. It starts on the Atlantic coast and ends in the historic and stunning city of Basel in Switzerland.

Pedaling through the heart of France will give you the best choices of food and wine.

Elbe Cycle Route

This route starts in the Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague and goes some 1,200 km bordering the Elbe River through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains called the Krkonoše. It continues through Germany via Dresden, Magdeburg, Hamburg and ends in Cuxhaven on the North Sea.

Drava Cycling Route

This 365 km route goes from Italy’s South Tirol to neighboring Slovenia beginning on the source of the Drava River in the Dolomites, following the river down to Maribor.

There are plans to extend this route to the confluence of the Danube and the Brava in Croatia.

Beautiful Basel in Switzerland

Beautiful Basel in Switzerland

Atlantic-Black Sea

This route is for real champions that could manage the total of 4,500 km from the chateaux of the Loire Valley to the Black Sea coast. It is very popular because it covers coasts, rivers, castles and a flat topography.

This west to east route passes through amazing sites such as Nantes, Orleans, Basel, Linz, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest.

North Sea Coast Cycle Route

This is an about 6,000 km route from the Shetland Islands all the way to Bergen in Norway’s western coast.

The German portion runs most of the time along flood protection dikes.

Rhine Cycle Route

It goes from the source of the Rhine River in Switzerland to its delta on the North Sea near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

This 1,230 km route runs parallel to one of the world’s most heavily traveled waterway.

Burgundy by Bike

Called in French the Tour De Bourgogne is the dram of every cyclist. It is a 580 km bike route that is going to be extended soon to 800 km, passing through the gastronomical capital of Dijon and the famous wine regions of Mâcon. 

For more information visit the European Cyclist Federation Website

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