Dominican Republic Food
Easy, Available to all and Delicious 

We ate Dominican Republic Food for decades. During our years in Puerto Rico our help, Catalina, came from that country.

All we knew was the delicious and amazing plates like Sancocho Dominicano, Mangu, Arroz con Habichuelas and the deserts like Arroz con Leche, Flan and many more.

The Dominican food, besides being delicious and tempting is easy and available to everyone. I mean the food that people eat on a daily basis and that one may find in any restaurant all over the country.

On this page I will let you taste some of the dishes that are the delight of so many Dominicans and foreigners.

Tropical Fruits that are an integral part of Dominican Food

Tropical Fruits that are an integral part of Dominican Food

Similarities with Cuba and Puerto Rico

The Dominican Republic food is similar in general to the ones from Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean, meaning Cuban Food and Puerto Rico Food.

They all have a typical Spanish heritage mixed with local flavors inherited from the Taino and other natives that were here before Columbus arrived to this island called Hispaniola.

It has also an influence of its neighbor Haiti that shares the Hispaniola Island. The food has the exact components as the people of the country, meaning, Spanish, African and Taino.

La Bandera is #1 in Dominican Republic Food

La Bandera is #1 in Dominican Republic Food

It is customary to have for lunch “La Bandera” meaning the flag. This is how they call the national dish of the Republic. It is a combination of Arroz con Habichuelas or white rice and red beans; stewed meat and fried plantains, always accompanied by a small salad or boiled vegetables.

I now understand why it is called the flag. It is so typical that they take it with them wherever they go. I remember a friend of mine that told me that if he doesn’t it rice and beans one day it is like he didn’t eat at all.

The Mangu is a typical dish of Dominican Republic Food

The Mangu is a typical dish of Dominican Republic Food

When you visit you’ll notice at every breakfast buffet a plate called Mangu, made with mashed plantains, yautia or taro and yucca or cassava.

Mangu is traditionally served with fried red onions, and can also be accompanied by fried white cheese, eggs or salami.


Like in all the Caribbean rice is the king. I cannot imagine a Puerto Rican or Dominican eating lunch without rice. Rice is prepared in many ways; white is number one but it is also prepared mixed with beans, gandules or pigeon peas, sweet corn or mixed vegetables.

And don’t forget the “concon” which is the rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot. It’s crispy and delicious.

Delicious Pastel en Hoja Dominicano

Delicious Pastel en Hoja Dominicano

If you have eaten the tamales in Mexico or Cuba, the pastel is their cousin. They are made instead of plantain instead of corn and in this country the meat is veal or pork. They are wrapped in plantain leaves.


Being this an island, the supply of fish and seafood is endless. Especially in the resorts on the Dominican Republic beaches, you may have fish or seafood on a daily basis if this is your wish. I once had fish cooked with coconut milk. It was idyllic.


The choices are chicken, beef, pork or goat, made in any number of ways, like stewed, fried or roasted. Codfish stew is sometimes served instead of the ‘meat’ option. The "bandera" is usually served with a small mixed salad or a plate of boiled vegetables.

Dominican Republic Food

Sancocho Dominicano

Sancocho Dominicano

This is a tremendous soup like a potage that is a meal by itself, enough it is served with white rice and avocado salad.

It is made many meats like chicken, pork and beef, plantains, yucca, yautia, auyama, corn and ñame; all this seasoned with peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro, parsley and some little cubes of chicken and beef soups.

When living in Puerto Rico we had a Dominican maid that was part of the family and she used to cook the Sancocho at least once a week. The children grew up eating Dominican food.

Mamey Colorao or Red Delicious Mamey

Mamey Colorao or Red Delicious Mamey

Tropical fruits

This is a rich agricultural country and you will find all tropical fruits not only in abundance but also with a great sweet favor coming from the rich land of this country.

They are served not only during breakfast but during the whole day. Here you’ll taste the sweetest papaya or bananas; passion fruit, pineapples are always in season.

The oranges that are called “naranjas” in Spanish, here are called “chinas”, don’t ask me why.

When the time of mango arrives usually during summer you’ll feel you are in a mango paradise. Other less known tropical fruits are mamey, zapote and jagua.

I hope you will try them all.

This is the famous and sweet

This is the famous and sweet "Arroz con Leche"

Deserts of the Dominican Republic Food

I am going to mention a few, since I am not a chef I am not dealing with recipes.

  • Dominican Flan
  • Cariñitos de Guayaba
  • Jalao de Coco y Melao
  • Turrón de ajonjolí
  • Dulce de Leche Enrollado
  • Pan de Batata


Dulce de Cáscara de Naranja or Orange Peel Dessert

Dulce de Cáscara de Naranja or Orange Peel Dessert

  • Habichuelas Con Dulce
  • Dulce de Guineos Maduros
  • Mermelada de piña
  • Dulce de Leche Cortado
  • Majarete



For more information visit Dominican Republic Tourism Website

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