Dominica Island
A leader in Ecotourism

Dominica Island is a mountainous Caribbean nation with geothermal hot springs. It is located between the two French Caribbean Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe on the Eastern Caribbean Sea.

Dominica Island is a paradise for nature lovers

Dominica Island is a paradise for nature lovers

The island is great for bird watching, and hiking through its lush rain forests, through its lakes, rivers, hot springs and a thick jungle. Here you’ll find insects, frogs and parrots of many species.

The rivers flowing down the cliffs are part of the many attractions that make this isle a heaven for Ecotourism. The island is still underdeveloped. That makes it more interesting for tourists.

Dominica is a paradise for nature lovers. Here you’ll find lush forests and many rivers and waterfalls. There are many peaks and a boiling lake. It is not the typical beach oriented Caribbean Island. People come to Dominica from all over the world because its preservation of nature.

Roseau the picturesque Capital of Dominica

Roseau the picturesque Capital of Dominica

Dominica Facts

  • Official name - Dominica
  • Population 72,514
  • Area  754 Sq Km
  • Capital City  Roseau
  • Languages  English, French Patois
  • Political Status  Parliamentary Democracy
  • Currency  Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
    1 USD = 2.70
    1 EUR = 3.15
    1 GBP = 3.60

Dominica Island

One of many waterfalls in Dominica

One of many waterfalls in Dominica


Because of the extreme dense vegetation, it a very wet climate that mixed with the hot temperatures creates a very humid and tropical climate all year round.

This climate helps the island to maintain the diverse fauna and flora that characterizes this island for its Dominica Ecotourism.

Called the Nature Island of the Caribbean, it was the last to be colonized by the Europeans due in part to the fierce fight of the Carib Indians, local residents at that time. Many of them, about 3,000, still live there.

Some of the coastlines are made of great coral reefs, untouched by civilization, which attract divers from all over the world.

Carnival Cruises stop regularly in Dominica

Carnival Cruises stop regularly in Dominica

Getting there

By Air

Dominica is accessible by smaller planes connecting from the other islands, mainly Guadeloupe and Martinique. Planes arrive to the small landing strips at Melville Hall Airport and Cane Field Airport

By Sea

A few cruise lines stop in Dominica Island. Among them: Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises.

By Ferry

Ferry service is available from Dominica island to Pointe A Pitre in Guadeloupe and to Forte de France in Martinique.

Secret Bay Hotel in Dominica

Secret Bay Hotel in Dominica

Getting around

Car rental

Many international car rental companies operate in Dominica with a number of vehicles to choose from. You’ll find regular cars as well as four-wheel drive vehicles.


They are easily available all over the island mainly in Rousseau, the capital and at the airports. Taxi drivers should be uniformed and fares are regulated by the government.

Picard Beach is one of the beautiful ones in Dominica

Picard Beach is one of the beautiful ones in Dominica


The most well-known beach on the island is Picard Beach.

Some of the beaches are quite rocky but you’ll find a few stretches of very nice beaches in the regions of Baptiste and Calibishie

How to spend your Dominica Vacations

The capital Roseau, is a typical and colorful Caribbean Capital, with stone and wood buildings, making a very picturesque sight. It is a laid-back town and many of the island inhabitants live there.

Since the main attraction of this island is the beauty of its land and vegetation, there are several important sites to visit.

The Botanical Gardens of Dominica Island

The Botanical Gardens of Dominica Island

Located on the northeast part of the island. It is a true relaxing site.

  • The Layou River

It is the longest in the island. It’s a rural area with bamboo and banana trees leaning over the riverbanks. The river is ideal for fresh water swimming.

  • Ross University

Portsmouth is the islands second largest town. It houses Ross University that attracts many American medical students.

  • Douglas Bay

South of town with its black sand. It is secluded and seldom visited by tourists.

  • Cabrits National Park

Located on Cabrits Peninsula north of Portsmouth hosts the island largest swamp formed by two old volcanoes.

Dominica Flag

Dominica Flag Description

Green, with a centered cross of three equal bands - the vertical part is yellow (hoist side), black, and white and the horizontal part is yellow (top), black, and white; superimposed in the center of the cross is a red disk bearing a sisserou parrot encircled by 10 green, five-pointed stars edged in yellow; the 10 stars represent the 10 administrative divisions (parishes).

For more information visit Dominica Tourism Official Website

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nature by henry rw
waterfall by xeres neiro

all courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of Eastern Caribbean showing the location of Dominica

Map of Eastern Caribbean showing the location of Dominica

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