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Delicious and Easy to Prepare

I am very biased when I write about Cuban Food. I was born in Cuba and have been eating this Food all my life, even my Mexican wife Aliza cooks for me only Comida Cubana.

There are about 2 million Cubans living in the United States and besides being truly proud American Citizens, they have kept the food tradition for generations. You can see an English speaking ten-year-old that loves only the food “Abuela” cooks.

Arroz con Pollo is the typical Sunday dish of the Cuban family

Arroz con Pollo is the typical Sunday dish of the Cuban family

This page is only a compliment to my Travel site and I am going to summarize what I know about the food I love.

I am not a chef and not even a cook. There are plenty of sites dedicated to recipes. So, that said, here are some of my favorite dishes.

Appetizers of the Cuban Cuisine

  • Caserola de Camarones or Shrimps
  • Chicharrones or pork cracklings skin
  • Chicken Spread or ensalada de pollo
  • Frituritas de Maiz or Corn Fritters
  • Mariquitas de Platano
  • Cuban Empanadas filled with meat
  • Malanguita frita or Malanga Fritters 
  • Papas Rellenas or stuffed potatoes
  • Cuban Papa RellenaPapa Rellena
  • Maduros Fried ripe plantains
  • Tostones Green Plantains
  • Platanos en Tentacion are plantains baked on sugar

Cuban Food Side Dishes


  • Plantains are not bananas even if they are similar.
  • Banana is a fruit, plantain is a vegetable
  • Yuca is the former tapioca of the original Indians
  • Malanga same as yucca but different taste and texture
  • Tamales similar to Mexican but made with corn and pork
  • Arroz con Frijoles Negros
  • Cuban Arroz Moro

Cuban Potaje de Garbanzos or Chick Pea Soup

Cuban Potaje de Garbanzos or Chick Pea Soup

Cuban Food Soups

  • Potaje de Garbanzos is a chick pea soup
  • Sopa de carne is a Beef Stew
  • Caldo Gallego brought from Galicia and stayed as Cuban
  • Potaje de Chicharos or split pea soup
  • Chicken Soup is the same worldwide
  • Cream of Malanga is a mashed and liquefied Malanga dish
  • Sopa de Platano a Creamed Plantain Soup
  • Potaje de Frijoles Colorados or Red Beans
  • Sopa de Ajo or Garlic Soup
  • Potaje de Kimbombo or Okra Stew


Cuban Food

Cuban Food Ajiaco

Cuban Food Ajiaco

  • Ajiaco Cubano is a heavy vegetable soup
  • Paella similar to the Spanish Paella
  • Sopa de Calabaza or Pumpkin Soup
  • Sopa de Cabeza de Pescado or Fish Head Soup
  • Sopa de Frijoles Negros or Black Bean Soup
  • Spiced Heirloom Bean Soup with Mint Cream

Cuban Fricase de Pollo

Cuban Fricase de Pollo

Main Dishes of Cuban Food

  • Fricase de Pollo is a Cuban Chicken Fricasse
  • Arroz con Pollo is chicken cooked with yellow rice
  • Arroz Imperial a form of Chinese Fried Rice
  • Arroz Moro also called Congri is Red Beans cooked with rice
  • Boliche a cuban Pot Roast
  • Bistec Empanizado is a Cuban Schnitzel or Breaded Steak
  • Costillitas are Cuban baby back ribs
  • Frita is similar to hamburger
  • Costillas de Cordero or Cuban Lamb Shanks
  • Chuletas de Puerco or Grilled Mojo Pork Chops

Picadillo of meat or turkey is the easiest Cuban dish to prepare

Picadillo of meat or turkey is the easiest Cuban dish to prepare

  • Picadillo – Ground meat dish of turkey, red meat or chicken
  • Pollo Asado en Cazuela is a Roasted Chicken with Sauce
  • Pollo Rancho Luna a dish or Rancho Luna Restaurant in Cuba
  • Pulpeta is a Cuban meat tloaf
  • Rabo Encendido is a tail stew
  • Pargo a la Santa Barbara made with a whole Red Snapper
  • Pollo Frito Roasted Chicken
  • Ropa Vieja or "old clothes" is a shredded beef in sauce
  • Caserola de Camarones or Shrimp Casserole
  • Pollo con Mojo is a Spicy Mojo Chicken
  • Bistec con Cebollas or Steak with Onions
  • Vaca Frita translated fried cow made of fried shredded beef

Cuban Food Deserts

  • Flan is caramel custard
  • Arroz con Leche is a delicious rice pudding
  • Panetela Boracha is a Rum Cake
  • Flan de Coco, same with coconut
  • Pudin Diplomatico or Bread Pudding
  • Guava Cheese Flan
  • Mermelada de Guayaba is a Guava Marmalade
  • Tocinillo de Cielo is a Custard with lots of eggs
  • Merenguitos are Meringue Puffs
  • Polvorones con Canela or Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
  • Torrejas Cuban versión of French Toast
  • Tres Leches is a sweet custard with three types of milk

The Cuban Coffee called

The Cuban Coffee called "Cafecito"

Grand Finale the Café Cubano

There is no real Cuban meal without the Café Cubano or simply Cafecito at the end.

No matter how hard to try at home nothing compares to the Cafecito of Versailles, Larios, Sergio’s or Islas Canarias in Miami. It’s pure art.

Versailles Restaurant in

Versailles Restaurant in "Little Havana" an icon of the Cuban Community

When I lived in Miami for 15 years every single friend or relative arriving in town was invited to one of the famous Cuban Restaurants like Versailles, Casa Larios, Islas Canarias or Sergio’s.

All of them adored Cuban Food and wanted more. Now living in Israel my only Cuban meal comes from my dear wife. She is doing excellent….

Here is a link to Restaurant Versailles in Miami

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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