Cayman Islands Food
Spicy and Delicious

Cayman Islands Food has been influenced first by Jamaica their first colonizers and then by the British which stayed in he Cayman until today.

The three islands Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are located south of Cuba, west of Jamaica and east of Honduras. They are lovely islands, very British and Caribbean at the same time.

Tropical Fruits and Vegetables of Cayman Food

Tropical Fruits and Vegetables of Cayman Food

Ingredients of Cayman Islands Food

Like many Caribbean Islands they grow all kind of products that are almost the same for all of them.

  • They have a great range of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, pineapples, grapefruits plus bananas and plantains, sweet potatoes, yams and mangoes.
  • Vegetables abound such as cassava, yellow squash, avocados, calabash, spring onions, tomatoes, peas, chili peppers and callaloo which is some kind of Caribbean spinach

  • Being small islands surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean, fish is one of their main foods, like Tuna, Snapper, mackerel and dolphin.
  • And of course, some sea foods like Turtles, conch which is a large mollusk, lobster and many more. Locals like spicy food and they use hundreds of species in their cooking.

Typical Cayman Islands Jerk Chicken with rice and beans

Typical Cayman Islands Jerk Chicken with rice and beans

Main Dishes of the Cayman Islands Food

Jerk chicken is definitely Jamaica. The chicken is marinated with Jerk sauce and try it only if you like hot spicy food. I warned you….

Ackee and Salt fish is definitely a dish of Jamaica Food, ackee is a red round fruit used a lot in Jamaica and served usually with Salt fish.

Banana Ketchup is a condiment also used in St Lucia and Jamaica made of banana and used as ketchup.

Breadfruit is a large fruit or maybe a vegetable eaten fried or cooked. It is also popular in Asian Tropical countries.

Callaloo is a heavy potage of green leaves steamed or boiled. This is a dish typical to Trinidad Food.

Cayman Islands Food

Cayman Islands delicious Rundown stew

Cayman Islands delicious Rundown stew

  • Rundown is a stew is a slowly cooked stew made of seafood and fish together with breadfruit, cassava and yam, mixed with many species.

  • Cassava Bread is bread made of cassava or yucca usually served with meals.

  • Conch Chowder is a heavy soup made of conch and vegetables.

  • Jamaican Beef Patties are hamburger like patties with curry flavor eaten an aperitif or main dish.

  • Oxtail is a heavy soup or stew made with the tail of the ox.

  • Mangu is the most typical dish of Dominican Republic Food imported by the Caymanians made of green plantain and served for breakfast.

  • Rice and beans like in the rest of the Caribbean Countries but here it’s cooked with coconut milk.

  • Rice and Beans (Cayman Style) - Rice cooked with coconut milk, beans, and various spices.


Cayman Style Fish

Cayman Style Fish

  • Turtle stew is made of the meat of the green sea turtle seasoned with species.

  • Steamed or Fried Cabbage seasoned with many species, especially Scotch Bonne Pepper.

  • Cracked conch is made as a breaded cutlet.

  • Coconut Shrimp Turtle Steak is very popular in the Islands. It is served with mango marmalade and spices.

  • Coconut dinner is a typical stew made of beef or fish cooked in coconut milk.

  • Mango chicken is made of chicken coconut milk, mango, eggs garlic and pepper.

Made in Cayman Islands and World-renowned Tortuga Rum Cake

Made in Cayman Islands and World-renowned Tortuga Rum Cake

Cayman Islands Food Desserts

  • Tortuga Cayman Island Rum Cake is made of yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding, walnuts, eggs, and Tortuga Rum.
  • Cayman fruit cake is made of fruits soaked in rum, cake wine or sherry.

  • Cassava Cake or Heavy Cake is made with cassava or yam and sweet spices.

  • Grand Cayman Island Rum Cake is made with chopped pecans, dark rum, eggs, flour and vegetable oil.

For more information visit the Cayman Islands Official Tourism Website

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