Capital of South Africa
Actually three Capitals

The Capital of South Africa is actually three capitals. This is one of the few countries that does not have a single capital, but each branch of the government is located in one of the three important cities.

Cape Town is the seat of the Legislative Branch and the seat of parliament. Pretoria is the seat of the Executive Branch and is the location of the President and the Cabinet. The Judicial Branch is carried out in Bloemfontein, where the Supreme Court of Appeal is located.


Pretoria South Africa

Pretoria South Africa

Besides being the seat of the Executive Branch, it is sometimes considered the de-facto Capital of South Africa.

Pretoria National Botanic Garden

Located in the Eastern suburbs of the city this 76-hectare garden has a collection of almost half all the country’s species, besides a collection of flowering plants, cycads, aloes, and other impressive plants.

They are grouped according to climate regions arranged through nature trails. On the grounds, the National Herbarium is displayed the largest collection of plant specimens in South Africa with more than a million species catalogued and stored here.


Voortrekker Monument

Built in 1949 to commemorate the Voortrekkers, the Boers who pushed northward into unknown territory in the mid-19th-century.  It is a 40-meter high structure made of granite with stairs leading up to the Hall of Heroes.

Some times the hall host classical performances which highlights its perfect acoustics. Don’t miss the amazing views of Pretoria while you enjoy a meal at the local restaurant.

National Zoological Gardens 

This family fun Zoo comprises an aviary, a reptile house with a collection of animals from all over the world.

Among the large mammal collection, you’ll find lions and tigers, as well as hippos and elephants. The zoo may be toured by renting a golf cart by the hour.

Union Buildings

It is located on the highest point of the city, Meintjieskop Hill near historic Church Square. It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1913, it is an impressive range of sandstone buildings mixing Italian Renaissance, English Renaissance, and Cape Dutch styles. It's the seat of government and also houses the offices of the president and the state archives.

Capital of South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

This is where the Parliament of South Africa is located. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful towns on Earth, compared with places like San Francisco.

Table Mountain

You may get there with a cable car for amazing views of the beautiful city and photo opportunities for all tourists.

If seen from the town it really honors the name, because nature made a perfect table form on top of the hill. There is a climate phenomenon called the tablecloth, a cloud that sometimes covers the mountain. Hopefully not on the day of your visit.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

This is a garden of about 1000 acres on the slopes of Table Mountain all the way to Cape Town’s suburbs. There are many cacti, medicinal plants, rainforest species. This is ultimately the most beautiful park you’ve ever hung out in.

Check the events schedule before you go as there are often craft markets at weekends and sometimes opera performances on their idyllic open-air stage.

Robben Island Museum

This is an important historical living museum. Robben Island prison is where the late Nelson Mandel was held as a prisoner during the Apartheid regime, along with hundreds of political prisoners.

Located 7 km from the Cape Town coast, visitors can enjoy a pre-booked tour lead by former inmates.

Boulders Beach

If you want to see the penguins, this is the place to go. It is a sandy stretch of shoreline on the Cape Peninsula, not so great for swimming of sun-tanning. It makes for a wonderful coastal walk among the African Penguins.

Bloemfontein South Africa

Bloemfontein South Africa

Home of the Supreme Court, it is called the Judicial capital of South Africa. It is called the “City of Roses” and the Capital of the Free State.

To the northeast, Naval Hill looms over the city with its Observatory Theater and wildlife-rich nature reserve, while in the city itself, sightseers will find an excellent art gallery, as well as museums with fascinating exhibits on the region's cultural and natural history.

Cheetah close-up

This is the place for big-cat-lovers that can walk along cheetahs and other felines. The "See, Sense, Touch" tour includes cuddling with amazingly cute cheetah cubs as well as caracals and servals, depending on the residents at the time.

The park also hosts leopards, lions, and wolves, which photographers can snap pictures of at close range.


Free State National Botanical 

Located in a valley, this Botanical Garden offers natural landscapes of indigenous forest, grasslands, karee trees, and sculptural wild olive.

It features more than 400 different species of plants, including roses, primarily from the Free State, Lesotho, and Northern Cape. Other highlights of the garden include a replica of an ancient settler's cottage, a traditional Sotho hut with a herb garden, a bird hide overlooking the lake where visitors might spot some of the 144 species recorded in the park.


The National Museum

This is a great place to learn about the region's cultural, natural, and political history as well as its artistic traditions. It has a large collection of fossils and archaeological items, including a chronological display of Stone Age and Iron Age tools. It is especially educational for children in the astronomy section, the mammal section, and the historical street scene with recreations of daily life in the late-19th and early-20th century. 

Map of South Africa and its three capitals

Map of Capital of South Africa and its three capitals

For more information visit South Africa Tourism Official Website

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