Capital of Montenegro
The Picturesque City of Podgorica

The Capital of Montenegro, the picturesque city of Podgorica (pronounced Podgoritza) is also the country’s largest city. This city was known as Titograd during the existence of Yugoslavia under Josip Broz Tito, between 1946 and 1992.

It is located at the confluence of Ribnica and Morača rivers and the meeting point of the fertile Zeta Plain and Bjelopavlići Valley. It is near winter ski center in the north and Adriatic Seaside resorts in the south.

View of Podgorica, Montenegro

View of Podgorica, Montenegro

Getting there

  • Bay Air
    Podgorica Airport is located 12 Km south of the city and serves the major European destinations. Montenegro Airlines is the national carrier.
  • By train
    You may get there by train from the neighboring countries, mainly from Belgrade in Serbia

Getting around

  • By Bus
    The bus and railway station are located next to each other. It is not recommended for tourists.
  • By car
    Since the capital of Montenegro is located in the center of the country, it is the hub of the main roads.
  • Taxi
    This is probably the easiest way to move in this city. It is inexpensive and reliable, with Europeans air conditioned sedans.
  • Walking
    If you are staying in the center of town or the Preko Morače district, many of the attractions are located at walking distance.

The Millenium Bridge is a symbol of Podgorica Montenegro

The Millenium Bridge is a symbol of Podgorica Capital of Montenegro

Major attractions of Podgorica

  • Millennium Bridge

Today it’s a symbol and an identity of the city. Inaugurated in 2005 it is a 140 meter long cable bridge with a 5t meter hjigh pylon holding 36 cables which lit beautifully at night.

  • Clock Tower and Old Town

Built in the 18th century by Hafis Pasha, this 16 meter tower dominates the area of Stara Varos. It is a reminder to the times of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Turkish Bathhouse

Called locally Tursko Kupatilo, is Podgorica’s oldest historical building. It can be found in the Ribnica river gorge, east of the downtown.

The actual city planners eliminated its roof and insisted on building a bridge on top of it. The site has been transformed into a cultural center.

Capital of Montenegro

Stavci Steps a leisure attraction in Podgorica

Stavci Steps a leisure attraction in Podgorica

  • Sastavci Steps are located at the mouth of the Ribnica River and it’s a popular meeting spot for a younger crowd.
  • Ribnica River, Big and small are two of the three rivers that cross the capital, the third one is the Moraca.
  • The palace complex Kruševac is a former Winter Palace of King Nikola I Petrovic.
  • Lake Skadar is a true and unique nature reserve.
  • The City Museum features archaeological, cultural, historical, ethnographic and historical collections.
  • Wine cellars "Plantaze"
  • Doclea, located at only 4 km from downtown it is an icon of Podgorica, dating from the first century AD.

TRG Republike or Republic Square in Podgorica

Trg Republike or Republic Square in Podgorica

  • Trg Republike

Translated to Rebublic Square, this is the main central shopping square in town.

  • Skaline, translated the stairs, at the confluence of  the Ribnica and Morača rivers, with its old Turkish bridge over the Ribnica, and the ruins of old Nemanja's town.
  • Monument to King Nikola is located in the in the park across the street from the Montenegro's parliament.

  • Hercegovačka Pedestrian Street is located in the city center. 
  • Rimski Trg is a square in the new part of town. It is the center for cafes and restaurants. It is a popular meeting point for the citizens of the city.

For more information visit Montenegro Tourism Office

The Temple of Christ's Resurrection in Podgorica

The Temple of Christ's Resurrection in Podgorica

Religious sites

  • The temple of Christ`s Resurrection is a monumental temple and the third largest Orthodoc Church in the world.
  • Church of St. George dates from the 9th to the 11th century.
  • Osmanagic mosque, dating from the late 18th century
  • Roman Catholic Church, built in 1969.
  • Dajbabe Monastery built in 1897)
  • Monastery of Celija Piperska built in 1637
  • Monastery of Duga Moracka built in 1755.

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