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Guatemala City

The Capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City or in Spanish Ciudad de Guatemala or nicknamed Guate, is the largest city in the republic and the most populous in Central America. It is located in the south-central part of the country, nestled in a mountain valley called Valle de la Ermita.  Its population is 2,400,000.

It has many attractions for the visitors which we are mentioning here.

Mayan Ruins of Tikal

Mayan Ruins of Tikal

This is one of the largest archaeological sites in all of Central America. Located in the northern border with Belize, this is by far the number one attraction when visiting Guatemala City.

The well preserved ruined city of Tikal, occupied between approximately 600 BC and AD 900, showcases more than 3,000 structures, from pyramids and temples to plazas and an acropolis. It was one of the most important urban Mayan centers for more than a thousand years.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, most often referred to simply as Antigua, is one of the highlights of Guatemala and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Central America.

Surrounded by volcanoes this former capital of Guatemala offers cobbled streets that are lined with lovely old colonial buildings, some of which show evidence of the earthquakes that have contributed to the city's history. Everywhere in the old city center are grand churches and convents.

Capital of Guatemala

Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán

Many visitors call it the most beautiful lake in the world, so they are not going to be disappointed. It is located about 2-hours drive from the Capital of Guatemala and less than an hour drive from Antigua.

Lake Atitlán sits at 1,538 meters above sea level and is surrounded by hills and volcanoes. The lake was formed in a volcanic crater, and three spectacular volcanoes are the backdrop for the clear waters and the quaint villages found along its shores.

Chichicastenango Market

Known locally as “Chich” this is an isolated town surrounded by valleys and mountains. This sleepy cobblestone town comes alive on Sundays and Thursdays as it hosts one of the largest and most hectic markets in Guatemala. This is a locals' market, selling regular everyday goods, vegetables, and the distinctive textiles for which it is so famous.


Guatemala's second-largest city, is the commercial center of southwestern Guatemala. More commonly called Xela, the town's major sights are the Parque Centro América and the Neoclassical buildings surrounding it. Most of these buildings, apart from the cathedral, come from the era in the 19th century when Xela was a major trading and artistic community.

Monterrico near the Capital of Guatemala

Monterrico near the Capital of Guatemala

The small coastal village of Monterrico, with its laid-back feel and lovely stretch of oceanfront, is great for to anyone looking for some time at the beach and a little nature. Unlike the high inland regions, this area on the coast is hot and tropical. The beach here is dominated by big surf and not always ideal for swimming, but beautiful nonetheless.

The Monterrico Nature Reserve, was created to protect mangrove forests and sea turtles. For tourists, this is usually the highlight of a visit to Monterrico.


This small town of brightly painted wooden houses, found in the jungle among coconut groves, lies along Guatemala's Caribbean Coast. Livingston feels more like the Caribbean than the rest of Guatemalan because of its population of Garífuna, descendants of escaped would-be slaves and the indigenous Maya. They have created a distinctive culture and language. 

Museo Popol Vuh

For anyone spending time in Guatemala City one of the most interesting places to enjoy a few hours at is the Museo Popol Vuh. This is one of the leading museums in the world of Mayan art, housing a valuable and comprehensive collection of both Mayan and colonial art.

For more information visit Guatemala Official Tourism Website

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Map of Guatemala showing the location of its capital

Map of Guatemala showing the location of its capital

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