Capital of Bulgaria
The Great City of Sofia

Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria, the country’s largest city, is located at the foot of Mount Vitosha in the western part of the country.It is the main attraction when you Travel to Bulgaria.

It is the 15th largest city in the European Union with a population of about 1.4 million people. It is the center of education, culture and economy of Bulgaria and is an important center for the whole region of the Balkans.

Let’s travel to Sofia and visit the most important attractions on this cozy European Capital that ranges in beauty with nearby cities such as Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul.

Vitosha National Park on the outskirts of Sofia

Vitosha National Park on the outskirts of Sofia

Vitosha National Park

Park Vitosha is a natural landmark of major importance in Sofia. It is an immense National Park with ski slopes, great resorts and many other forms of recreation. All this is located on the footsteps of the Mount.

Sofia Zoo

This is an important landmark since 1888 and happens to be one of the most important zoos in Europe. It features close to 1,300 animals on display.

Bulgarian National Gallery in Sofia the Capital

Bulgarian National Gallery in Sofia the Capital

Bulgarian National Library

The façade of the building is awesome and perfect for a photography session; and the interior holds an array of documents, artifacts and relics.

National Archaeological Museum

Located in a former 15th century Ottoman Mosque this is an impressive museum featuring a glimpse to Bulgarian History through the Thracian, Roman and medieval artifacts, including such treasures as a mosaic floor of the Church of Sveta Sofia, the 4th century BC Thracian gold burial mask, and a magnificent bronze head, thought to represent a Thracian King.

Capital of Bulgaria

National Art Gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

National Art Gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgaria National Art Gallery

Here is a perfect example of how Bulgaria places an important interest in the arts and culture. It is located within the former Royal Palace of Battenberg Square.

It features more than 50,000 works of some of the most important medieval art collections. Besides it has a great collection of Bulgarian Art with 19th and 20th century paintings, including the great Orange Madonna by Vladimir Dimitrov.

National Palace of Culture

Reminding us of the Soviet era architecture is this large concrete and steel building, built in 1981 in a polygonal form. At the northern end is the park with a 1,300 year monument celebrating the anniversary of the First Bulgarian Empire.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This is a brilliant neo-byzantine cathedral, a symbol of the Orthodox faith. It has room for more than 5,000 people in its interior.

It was built between 1882 and 1912 in memory of the Russian soldiers who died fighting for Bulgaria’s Independence during the Russian Turkish War. It was designed by Russian Architect Pomerantsev.

Borisova Gradina

Located southeast of the city center this is a very attractive park filled with statues and flowerbeds. Is the ideal place to spend a relaxing day.

The Church of St George in the center of Sofia

The Church of St George in the center of Sofia

Church of St. George

This relic of the Roman Empire is the most important landmark in Bulgaria. It is a 4th century church containing the best examples of medieval fresco art dating to the 1oth to the 14th century in Europe.

A remarkable Roman Empire relic, the Church of St. George is an important historic landmark in all of Bulgaria.

The 4th century church contains some of the best examples of medieval fresco art, namely from the 10th to 14th century, in Europe.

Hagia Sophia Church

The church that gave the city its name was built in the 14th century. It is a precious piece of architecture.

Boyana Church

The UNESCO World Heritage Boyana Church dates back to the 10th century and hosts a number of 13th century frescoes that were restored and unveiled in 2008.

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The Royal Palace in Sofia Bulgaria

The Royal Palace in Sofia Bulgaria

Royal Palace

It was originally the headquarters of the Ottoman Police Force. It was here that the national hero of Bulgaria, Vasil Levski was tried, tortured and executed in 1873.

National Museum of Military History

It is a different museum telling the story of wars in Bulgaria, giving importance to the period between 1876 through World War I.

On display weaponry, flags, uniforms and decoration of military type. Outside there is a disply of Soviet military hardware such as Scud missile launchers and MIG fighters.

Sofia Monument

This is the site where a giant statue of Lenin once stood. This 24 meter high monument represents Sofia the city with wisdom and fate.

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