Capital of Australia
The Modern City of Canberra

The Capital of Australia, Canberra is the only of the largest cities of Australia located inland. Its location was a compromise achieved in 1908 between the large cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

It is a modern and planned city with a population of about 400,000 located 280 km southwest of Sydney and 660 km northeast of Melbourne.

New Parliament House in Canberra

New Parliament House in Canberra

The new Parliament House is a marvel of modern architecture. It’s in the shape of a boomerang and sits on Capital Hill in Canberra. It was built by a New York-based architect who won the inte3rnational competition and on May 9, 1988 it was officially inaugurated by the Queen.

From the roof visitors can experience a great vie of the modern city. Inside the building you may find documents of great importance to the history of Australia and the capital Canberra.

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

This Byzantine style building was inaugurated in the middle of WWII and commemorates Australia’s was casualties.

More than a memorial it houses a museum with archives an art gallery and a library.

Inscribed in bronze are the names of every single Australian who has died in war since 1985.

if you're visiting near the end of the day, try to stay for the Last Post, a moving tribute to the fallen played at 4:55pm daily.


Lake Burley Griffin

This is an artificial lake built in the middle of the Capital of Australia that came to fruition in 1958.

You may come here to stroll or bike along the waterfront, have picnics and fish, paddle. Six islands lie at its center, being the largest Aspen Island.

National Gallery of Australia

Located on the shores of the lake it contains Australia’s largest collection of art. It is a cubic shaped structure, opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1982.

It contains works from Australia, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas as well as the largest collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in the world.


This is the National Science and Technology Center, located near the National Library on Lake Burley Griffin. Questacon is an interactive National Science and Technology Center opened in 1988.

Parents and children alike, enjoy this place and especially the guest lectures offered on a constant basis.

Capital of Australia

Mount Ainslie Lookout

Mount Ainslie Lookout

From here you may appreciate the carefully planned layout of the capital of Australia. This 842 meter-high is one of the city’s most popular sites

Thanks to Walter Burley Griffin's vision, the lookout aligns perfectly with Anzac Parade, Lake Burley Griffin, Old Parliament House, and, in the background, the sleek lines of New Parliament House. On breezy days, be sure to bring a jacket. Other popular lookout points include Red Hill, to the south of here, and Black Hill, to the west.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Here you may admire representatives of all important species of Australian flora. The Rain Forest Gully is particularly impressive. Look for water dragons among the lush foliage.

Visit the Children Discovery Walk as well as the Red Center Garden. It is also a heaven for birds and butterflies.

National Zoo and Aquarium

This is the only combined zoo and aquarium in Australia. It is privately owned and attracts many families with children who love animals.

The variety of water and land animals is mind boggling and you’ll find huge sharks to tiny denizens as well as exotic cheetahs, lions, tigers and bears.

Black Mountain Nature Park

Located west of downtown Canberra it is the perfect combination with a visit to the adjacent Australian National Botanic Gardens.

You may stroll through the bushlands and watch many native birds and other wildlife. From Black Mountain Tower you have panoramic views of the city.

For more information visit Australia Official Tourism Website

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Map showing the location of the Capital of Australia

Map showing the location of the Capital of Australia

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