Amazing Canadian Islands
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Let us explore a few Canadian Islands that stand out for being amazing and different. Canada is the world's second largest country and the largest in North America.

Canada is well known for its natural beauty and a unique mixture of cultures. It is also one of the richest countries in the world, attracting tourists from all over the world every year.

One of the top attractions of Canada are the Islands. Let us go into the details of some of the best islands in Canada.

Toronto Island in Canada

Toronto Island in Canada

Toronto Island

This is another great place that always calls for lots of attentions First, the island is always full of locals during the summer, who enjoy a good swim. It is known for the Gibraltar Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is built on a hexagonal base and its known as one of only three lighthouses in the country.

Devon Island is a large uninhabited Island of Canada

Devon Island is a large uninhabited Island of Canada

Devon Island

Is located in northwestern Baffin Island. This large uninhabited landmass has been used several times for space tests due to its dry environment and the presence of a crater on the island. It's the 27th largest island of the world.

Canadian Islands

Entry Island

It is an English-speaking Island in a French neighborhood. All residents of the island are related by blood and there is only one school, one restaurant. Located in the middle of St Lawrence Gulf, it has striking views to the ocean.

Oak Island

Is located in the southern shore of Nova Scotia. This island has been a great historical place due to the claim that the 18th century pirate Kidd actually buried his treasure here.

Harington Harbor

Is located on the Gulf of St Austin. There are neither streets nor houses for outsiders. It is totally inaccessible during winters.

Pictou Island is located north of Nova Scotia

Pictou Island is located north of Nova Scotia

Pictou Island

Pictou Island is located in the Northumberland Strait, approximately 4 nautical miles north of Nova Scotia.

The island is heavily wooded with several clearings on the more sheltered south side. There is a small year-round population spread throughout the island of which the majority make their living by fishing.

There is also a community center, church, fire department and several lighthouses located on the island. They produce their electricity from solar power and windmills and do not depend from the rest of the country.

Greenly Island

Is an island in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec, Canada, near the border of Labrador and Newfoundland, in the Gulf of St Lawrence at the southwestern end of Strait of Belle Isle. 


Victoria Island

It is the largest island of Canada. Located near Vancouver it is a "must" visit when visiting the area. It is full of gardens and passive recreation areas.

Georges Island

Is one of the historical Canadian Islands. It is believed to have been used by the British as a point to block the invasion of the French and the Indians. The island is located at the middle of Halifax Harbor.

Sable Island

Sable Island, where horses outnumber human beings. This horse roaming area is protected by the government from human interference.   The island is located south east of Nova Scotia 180 Km from the mainland.

Map of Canada and its Provinces

Map of Canada and its Provinces

For more information visit Canada Official Tourism Website

all images for canadian islands are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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