Best Weekend Getaways
In Europe

Best Weekend Getaways are for people that don’t have or cannot find the time to take a vacation of at least a week or two. So they go on a few days escape, this way they divide their time and do it more often.

The short vacation that you are going to take depend where you are at the moment. Maybe you are on a business trip in the other side of Europe and decide to take a few days for you and your partner and spend a lovely weekend of two or three nights in a new place.

Here are a few examples of the Best Weekend Getaways as per the city where you are at the moment.

Here the choices are endless. This is what I love of Europe. You may be in a country now and in a few hours you are in a totally different place with a different language and different customs. Many of my clients used to stay in Europe for a few days after a business trip and take one of the European Train Tours.

The places most recommended are:

Berlin the Capital of Germany

When doing business in Germany, "jump" over to Berlin and be surprised by its beauty

Paris the capital of France

For me it is the # 1 City in the world for its charm, cuisine and many attractions

Prague capital Czech Republic

I call it the Paris of Central Europe. Its architecture dating to the Imperial times is awesome

Budapest capital of Hungary

Both sides Buda and Pest have many points of interest to spend a great weekend

Rome capital of Italy

The Eternal city offers an array of "things to do" to cover more than one weekend

Best Weekend Getaways

Madrid capital of Spain

Madrid, the love of my life. I can spend not one weekend here but a lifetime

Barcelona in Spain

Located in Catalonia on the shores of the Mediterranean it sometimes surpasses Madrid in beauty

London capital of England

When visiting the United Kingdom don't miss a weekend in Londons

Amalfi Coast in Italy

This is the most visited area in Italy. It is close to Naples and not far from Rome by train.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Venice, Italy
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Bruges, Belgium

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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