Benelux Countries
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Benelux Countries is a concept for the union of the countries of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

They are the pioneers of what is today the European Union when back in 1944 the three countries signed a custom agreement.

In 1951 they joined Germany France and Italy to start the process of the EU.

The Grand Place in Brussels is the # 1 Highlight in Belgium

The Grand Place in Brussels is the # 1 Highlight in Belgium

Belgium Tourism

The Kingdom of Belgium is a small country divided into two main groups, French and Flemish speaking sections.

This has brought many problems during the years, but until now the country remains united with is capital in Brussels.

Let me mention a few of the attractions and cities of Belgium

Benelux Countries

Royal Palace and Gardens in Brussels, Belgium

Royal Palace and Gardens in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels the Capital of Belgium

It is a typical European city keeping its charm as a small town. Among the places to visit are:

  • Grande Place the most beautiful Medieval Square in Europe

  • Mannekin Pis is a small bronze statue of a little boy relieving himself.

The City Hall of the busy city of Antwerp, Belgium

The City Hall of the busy city of Antwerp, Belgium

  • Antwerp

This is a thriving city with an active nightlife and famous for its shopping facilities.

It is an art loving city linked forever to the brilliant painter Rubens. Still today 400 years later you may see the influence Rubens left in Antwerp.

Bruges Belgium Canals

Bruges Belgium Canals

  • Bruges Belgium

We have a full article on the city of Bruges. Please read more here…

  • Ghent

This is the city where Belgians like to spend some free time. The city center is mainly closed to vehicles, so people walk a lot or use their bicycles or even their boats on the canals.

  • Liege

It is the largest French speaking city of Belgium located along the Meuse River. Its best attraction is the train station by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Now Liege is linked to France Holland and the rest of Belgium in minutes.

  • Spa

This is a small picturesque town called the “Pearl of the Ardennes,” nestled in a wooded valley surrounded by rolling hills and countless rivers and springs. It’s a meeting point of Europeans looking for its healing hot spring treatments. Other important cities of Belgium are:

  • Namur
  • Bastogne
  • Mons
  • Mechelen

Benelux Countries

One of many Tulips Fields in Holland

One of many Tulips Fields in Holland

Netherlands Tourism

The Kingdom of the Netherlands also referred as Holland is an important country in Western Europe with Belgium and Germany as its close neighbors. It is, together with Belgium and Luxembourg the cradle of today’s European Union.

The seat of government is located in the Hague although the capital is Amsterdam

The name of the country says it all, “low countries” or “low lands” because a great part of the country is below sea level and protected by systems of dikes. The attractions in Holland are:

Visiting Amsterdam by boat is a great an experience

Visiting Amsterdam by boat is a great an experience

  • Amsterdam

Is the number one attraction of this country with its spectacular nightlife, gorgeous cluster of canals over the Amstel River.

It is vibrant, cosmopolitan and steeped in culture, Amsterdam one of the top destinations in Europe.

Other highlights of Holland include:

  • Grachtengordel with the main canals
  • Hoge Veluwe National Park
  • Kröller-Müller Museum
  • Museonder Underground Museum
  • Keukenhof Gardens

Satellite view of the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

Satellite view of the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Rotterdam
  • Waddenzee
  • Dutch city
  • Maastricht
  • Maastricht canal
  • The Old Windmills of Kinderdijk
  • Dutch windmills
  • Kinderdijk
  • Haarlem
  • The Hague
  • Alkmaar Cheese Market
  • Alkmaar
  • The Efteling
  • Dutch water line

Luxembourg City at night

Luxembourg City at night

Luxembourg Tourism

Officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. It is a representative democracy headed by the Grand Duke and is the last Grand Duchy remaining in the world

It is the third component of the Benelux Countries. Its capital and largest city is Luxembourg. Here some of the most important attractions:

  • Vianden Castle is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the Gothic and Romanesque periods

  • The Casemates are part of Luxembourg’s old fortifications and the only UNESCO Heritage site in the country.

  • Grand Ducal Palace located in the center of the city, is the representative residence of the Grand Duke.

  • Market at Place Guillaume is open every Wednesday and Saturday with many bargains and a variety of colors and sounds.

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral is a major tourist attraction in Luxembourg City and its Catholic Cathedral

Map of Benelux bordered by Germany and France

Map of Benelux bordered by Germany and France

images credits for benelux countries:

grand place by aveo
royal palace by jaume meneses
antwerp city hall by ckiki iwai
bruges canals by jean christophe benoist
rotterdam n/a
amsterdam canals by carmel rand
luxembourg city by wolfgang stuck
map of belelux n/a

all courtesy of wikimedia commons

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