Belgium Tourism
Twenty Million Visitors a Year

Belgium Tourism with close to 20 million visitors a year to the country mainly from neighboring France and the Netherlands, as well as from the United Kingdom.

Belgium is known for its Renaissance architecture and medieval towns. It serves as the Headquarters of the European Union and NATO. It is divided into two distinctive regions, Dutch speaking Flanders on the north and French speaking Wallonia on the southern part.

Its bilingual capital, Brussels is home to the Grand Place with its elegant srt nouveau buildings. Its official languages are Dutch, French and German

It is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government and the official languages are Dutch, French, German.

The Grand Place in Brussels in its full splendor

The Grand Place in Brussels in its full splendor

Grand Place

When visiting Brussels this is the # 1 attraction. This central city square surrounded by the town hall and guildhalls.

It dates back to the 11th century when markets were held here. Nowadays, in the month of August every two years a flower carpet is set up on the square for a few days. Millions of begonias making amazing patterns form a beautiful sight, that no one should miss.

The idyllic city of Bruges Belgium and its canals

The idyllic city of Bruges Belgium and its canals


This is, in my opinion the most beautiful sight in Belgium and we have dedicated a page to it. Visit our page on Bruges.

Dating from the medieval era, the impressive buildings have been preserved allowing visitors a real taste of the medieval architecture.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges is made or Romanesque and late Gothic architecture. It is said to contain a drop of Jesus’s blood, brought to Belgium on the Second Crusade.

And last but not least the Canals of Bruges, often called the “Venice of the North”, offer a wonderful ride to be able to see the amazing sites of Bruges.

Belgium Tourism

The Battlefields of Flanders

This are for many one of the important sites of the Second World War. These battlefields are a major pilgrimage site.

The preserved trenches run for kilometers around the town of Ypres and is scattered with cemeteries for the thousands of soldiers who dies here. They are a vivid reminder of the brutal fighting that took place here during the war.

Meuse Valley

Located in the south of the country, is where you feel the countryside of Belgium. Take a trip along the river, watching the scenery and the dense forests.

In particular, the towns of Namur and Dinant that have many kinking and cycling trails for those wishing to add some activity to their tour.

Both towns feature cliff top citadels, but the real highlight of this are the scenery itself.

Mons Old Town

The old town of Mons is a must on your trip to Belgium Tourism. The town square is surrounded by ornate building spanning for over 400 years’ architecture, from the 15th to the 18th centuries. To mention a few: Toison d'Or House and the Chapel of St. George are architectural highlights.

Here you also find the Grand Place and a UNESCO listed Bell Tower located on the hill, and also the Church of Sainte-Waudru full with artistic and religious relics.

The important city of Antwerp in Belgium

The important city of Antwerp in Belgium

Antwerp Belgium

Located on the center of this important city is the Grand Place or better known as Grote Markt, surrounded by some of Belgium’s most impressive architecture. The Town Hall is a great example of 16th century architecture, and the interior features many paintings showing Antwerp’s history.

Centraal Station is the main train station in Antwerp in Flanders. Opened in 1905 this stone building is topped by a big dome of 44 meters’ high. It is the country’s best example of railroad architecture and as a matter of fact is Belgium’s most impressive railway stations.

Coming and departing on 14 tracks in four levels trains come from all over Europe; this station is prepared to handle high speed trains.


Leuven Belgium

St Peter's Church is located on the center of this town and is one of Belgium’s best example of the Brabant Gothic style with its pointed arch windows and sheaf pillars. The Baroque carved pulpit and Dirk Bouts' painting of the Last Supper are worth a visit.

The Leuven Town Hall features 236 statues set in religious scenes. These statues are on the hall’s three floors, each floor representing different people who were important to the city’s heritage. It is located on the city’s Grand Place.


Yes, this is the famous Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated. Today the area is composed agricultural fields. On top of an artificial hills there is a memorial lion sculpture commemorating the day when Napoleon was finally stopped.

You’ll have impressive views across the countryside. A stop in Waterloo is very important for those interested in Europe’s history.

Tournai Cathedral

Catholicism has been important in Wallonia since the 6th century, especially in the city of Tournai. The Cathedral of Our Lady or in French, Notre-Dame de Tournai, was built in the 12th century.

It was built in three architectural styles: Romanesque, Transitional and Gothic. The cathedral has five bell towers and is also home to The Issue of Souls in Purgatory, a painting by the great Flemish artist, Peter Paul Rubens.


The Cathedral of Saint Bavo in the city of Ghent Belgium

The Cathedral of Saint Bavo in the city of Ghent Belgium

Ghent Belgium

A visit to Ghent is worth it for several site very important for tourism. The Cathedral of Saint Bavo, with its high Gothic choir and Romanesque crypt showcases the best of religious architecture in Belgium and is the city’s most outstanding tourist attraction. Most people come here to see the famous artwork that adorns the interior, like the Flemish masterpiece known as The Altar of Ghent.

Another important site in Ghent is the Gravensteen, a huge fort that was once the home of the counts of Flanders. This fort is a replica of the castles the crusaders built in Syria. It is impressively well preserved in the middle of the town Ghent. Climb up the staircase for an amazing view of the town.

Please visit Belgium Tourism Website for Wallonia

Please visit Belgium Tourism Website for Flanders

Facts about Belgium

  • Official name – The Kingdom of Belgium
  • Population – 11.5 million
  • Area – 30,528 sq km
  • Capital City – Brussels
  • Language – Dutch, French and German
  • Currency – Euro

Flag of Belgium

Flag of Belgium

The national flag of the kingdom of Belgium is a tricolor of three bands of black, yellow, and red. The colors were taken from the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant, and the vertical design may be based on the flag of France.

Map of Belgium and its naighbors

Map of Belgium Tourism

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