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Opening to the World

Belarus Tourism is something new, the country has been closed to tourism. But lately it has been opening to the world and facilitating the visa procedures to the point that today you may visit Visa-Free for a 30 days period or as some say just for a 5-day period if you arrive and depart from Minsk International Airport. It is a beautiful country with lots of nature wonders and many towns worth to visit, especially its most important city, its capital Minsk.

Called Byelorussia or Belorussia in the past, it’s a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia, Ukraine, Poland Latvia and Lithuania.

Victory Square in Minsk the Capital of Belarus

Victory Square in Minsk the Capital of Belarus


The Capital of Belarus is a nice surprise to visitors for its cleanliness and the attitude of its people with welcome you with help and smiles. During summer months you may visit its many parks that line the city, where you may see paddle-boating.

The architecture is an impressive Soviet-era one with large streets that are very walk-able and clean. There is a metro system in case you want to walk less.


This is a small town in the southwest of Belarus. My mother was born there in 1906 when it was part of the Russian Empire. After the First World War it passed to be part of Poland. In other words, when my mother left for Cuba in 1924, she left with a Polish Passport. When I traveled to Poland and wanted to visit neighboring Belarus to visit my mother’s place of birth it was totally impossible to get a visa.

The city of Grodno in Belarus

The city of Grodno in Belarus


Located near the border with Poland and Lithuania it is a city like no other one in the country. You may feel the influence of being in a crossroad. Until WWII it was part of Poland and there is a large Polish community living there.

It is a beautiful city with cobblestone streets, baroque churches, and also a few Soviet remnants that don’t overwhelm. Just across the river from the downtown, life is different with wooden little houses and an easygoing atmosphere.

Belarus Tourism


It was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and where King Mindaugas was crowned. The main attraction is the castle ruins on Castle Hill which also offers a great view of the surrounding town. It was the hometown of the poet Adam Mickiewicz.


The main attraction is Lida Castle, the first stone castle built in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania that was built in 1330, it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times and finally restored by Belarus in 2010. It now houses a museum with a unique exhibit on medieval torture devices.


Located on the northeast of Belarus, this is a nice city with friendly people despite the language barrier. It features a few cafes and bars and several museums and parks.

It is important to visit only during the spring and summer months.

The city of Brest on the border with Poland

The city of Brest on the border with Poland


Located near the border with Poland, it is home of 300,000 residents. It played an important role during WWII and is one of the important places to visit while in Belarus.

Near the city is the Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park. It is a lush forest home to the European Bison. The forest is shared with Poland. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nesvizh Castle

About 100 km from Minsk, the capital, can be part of a day tour. It is an amazing castle surrounded by a moat. It has many rooms that have been expanded during the course of hundreds of years.

It was built in the 16th century but is now in an excellent condition after being restored and then designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Khatyn Memorial Complex

On March 22, 1943, Nazis in the pursuit of partisans entered Khatyn and burnt the whole village.

The main memorial sculpture is a representation of those events. The names and ages of the family members are inscribed on the chimneys, that are toppled with bells ringing every 30 seconds.

Braslaw Lakes

It is the perfect place to cool down during summers. This is a huge forested area with tens of interconnected lakes that cross the borders of Latvia and Lithuania.

Braslaw Lakes
Flag of Belarus

Flag of Belarus

The flag is a rectangular cloth consisting of two horizontal stripes: a red upper stripe covering two-thirds of the flag's height, and green lower stripe covering one-third. A vertical red-on-white Belarusian decorative pattern, which occupies one-ninth of the flag's length, is placed against the flagstaff.

Map of Belarus

Map of Belarus

For more information visit Belarus Tourism Website

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