Barbados Food
Spicy and Delicious

Barbados Food or Bajan Food is one of delights of visiting the “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”.

Most of this island’s food is cooked with all kind of locally grown spices, giving it an amazing taste, you will never forget.


Fish is the main ingredient on the Bajan diet

Fish is the main ingredient on the Bajan diet

Barbados Cuisine History

The food of Barbados comes from more than 400 years of different occupations of Spanish and Portuguese, but mainly from the British that were there the most time and until today has a great impact on their food.

But above all the African influence left a definite mark on the food of the island. The African slaves were brought as early as the 1600s to work on the sugar plantations. They adapted themselves to what was available at that time like fish, corns and all kind of molasses.

Cou-Cou and Flying Fish

Cou-Cou and Flying Fish

This is Barbados' national dish is made of Flying fish seasoned with herbs, garlic, tomatoes and butter prepared fried or steamed and served with the traditional


A corn similar to polenta mixed with chopped okra , water and butter. It is also served with green bananas and breadfruit.

Barbados Flying Fish

Barbados Flying Fish

This fish accounts for about 60% of the fish harvested on the island. This little creature is simply delicious, especially when served the Bajan way. It may be done fried, steamed or barbecued.

It is a huge part of our cultural identity - no surprise then that it found its way on this list. But in all fairness to the little sea going creature, it is simply divine!

Everyone who has ever tasted this little delicacy, locals and tourists alike instantly find themselves hooked on its unique flavor. Whether steamed or fried, pickled or barbecued, in between salt bread or with a side of Cou-Cou, this little fish is one of the definitive features of your typical Bajan meal.


Barbados Food

Barbados Conkies are similar to Puerto Rican Pasteles

Barbados Conkies are similar to Puerto Rican Pasteles

Combines cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, raisins, sweet potato and spices all steamed together. It is served on wrapped on banana leaves. I want to mention that this dish is mainly served during Independence holidays at the end of November.

Pudding & Souse

This is made from the intestines of the pig stuffed with a blend of sweet potatoes and herbs. The sauce is made from boiled pig head or feet seasoned with onions, cucumbers, limes, parsley and hot sweet peppers. The sauce is served cold.

Coconut Bread or Sweet Bread

This is an extremely sweet bread loved by Bajans and served usually during holidays.

Barbados Rum Cake

It is Rum with some Cake. Also known as the Great Cake or the Black Cake. It is alcohol in the disguise of a cake. Good for them…

Homemade Mauby Drink

This is an old bitter sweet drink loved by Bajans. The syrup may be bought in the local markets and around the world wherever they sell ethnic Bajan food.

Ginger Beer

This is a non-alcoholic beverage originated in Barbados and made of the potent ginger root, sweetened to taste.

On your next trip to Barbados Island and mainly to Bridgetown Barbados its cozy capital, try any of these delicacies.

After all you didn’t come to Barbados to have another hamburger and French fries, here you'll enjoy Barbados Food.

For more information visit Barbados Tourism Official Website

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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