Bahamas Islands
A Country with 700 Islands

The Bahamas Islands, located east of Florida USA, are an archipelago of more than seven hundred of the most beautiful islands in the world. The country of Bahamas has been dedicated for decades to the Travel Industry and have made these islands some of the most desirable for the tourists looking for great beaches.

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Picturesque Nassau the Capital of Bahamas

Picturesque Nassau the Capital of Bahamas

Facts on the Bahamas Islands

This is a friendly and beautiful country of about 700 islands, islets and cays. It means that Travel to Bahamas is something that has to be done many times in order to visit most of the important islands and sites.

  • Official name – Bahamas
  • Population – 395,000
  • Area in Sq Km - 13,940
  • Capital City - Nassau
  • Languages - English, French Creole
  • Political Status Independent Member British Commonwealth
  • Currency - Bahamas Dollar (BSD)
  • 1 USD = 1.00
  • 1 EUR = 1.16
  • 1 GBP = 1.33

Satellite view of the Bahamas Islands

Satellite view of the Bahamas Islands

Getting around when you Travel to Bahamas

Bikes and scooters

Because many travelers remain confined to their resorts, and I don’t blame them, most sites on the islands remain unseen. For that a bike of scooter are the ideal way to visit the remote places, seldom visited by tourists, like remote beaches, caves and secluded coves. You can rent one of these means of transportation in any of the islands.

By boat in the Bahamas Islands

Island Hopping by boat is great. There are many marinas all over the archipelago offering all kind of yachts and smaller boats the anchoring and services desired. Once in any of the marinas, you’ll find all kind of food, refreshments and recreation services. And Bahamas beaches are idyllic. Just imagine visiting one or two beaches a day.

Chartered boats are ideal for your Travel to Bahamas

Many companies offer the services of chartered boats of any sizes. This is very convenient for those that don’t own a boat. Mostly all companies offer concierge and kitchen services besides the regular crew of captain and assistants.

Bahamasair the National Carrier of the Bahamas

Bahamasair the National Carrier of the Bahamas

By plane to the Bahamas Islands

Being the Bahamas a country of 700 islands, besides by boat, the only way to visit them all is by plane. All the islands have some kind of airport or some kind of runway. Many of them are unpaved. But they are enough for small planes to land.

This way of Island Hopping will let you visit more remote islands in less time. So, if you want to get out of the noise of Nassau – Paradise Island, Freeport or the All-Inclusive Resorts, this is a solution

Bahamasair is the main inter island air carrier of The Bahamas, but smaller carriers based out of Nassau offer charter services to the Out Islands. Many hotels and resorts also offer their own charter services.

Bahamas Islands

Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island Bahamas

Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island Bahamas

By Ferry

There are local ferries traveling between the islands. These services are perfect for tourists on a budget and are used by locals on a regular basis. Some government run ferries offer services between the island that are close. The same applies to those separated by greater distances.

Car rental

For those that would leave their resort for a while and are eager to see more of the Bahamas, nothing compares to a rental Car.

Major companies are all over and many local companies alike. It may be a little expensive for our standards, but it’s worth the try. You’ll feel free to go where you want and when you want.

Cruise lines on the port of Nassau Capital of Bahamas

Cruise lines on the port of Nassau Capital of Bahamas

Bahamas Weather

The weather for your Travel to Bahamas is moderated by the Gulf Stream, therefore it is warm all year round.

But the islands are cooler than the other Caribbean Islands, first due to their much northern latitude and also because it is sometime affected by the cold waves coming from the continent. The average temperature is 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and a 70 to 80 degrees in winter.

The islands are on the path of the Hurricanes and very well prepared for that, like we are in South Florida. The good thing about the modern technology is that we know with enough time if you should cancel your Bahamas Travel.

An awesome beach on  the Island of Bimini Bahamas

An awesome beach on  the Island of Bimini Bahamas

This is just a summary of the most important islands

  • Abaco Island
  • Acklins
  • Andros Island
  • Bimini Islands
  • Cat & Gun Cay
  • Cat Islands
  • Crooked Island
  • Exuma
  • Grand Bahama
  • Long Island
  • Mayaguana
  • Nassau Paradise Island
  • Ragged
  • Rum Cay
  • San Salvador
  • The Inaguas


Bahamas Flag

Bahamas Flag Description

Three equal horizontal bands of aquamarine (top), gold, and aquamarine, with a black equilateral triangle based on the hoist side.

For more information visit Bahamas Tourism Website

images courtesy of wikimedia commons

Bahamas Map showing the most important islands

Bahamas Map showing the most important islands

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