Aruba Food
Delicious and Spicy

Aruba Food is spicy with many vegetables and fish. In other words, it’s a healthy diet. This food is a combination of the many people that mingled to make Aruba what it is today.

Aruba Cuisine has influence from the Dutch, of course, African and Latin American because of the short distance that separates Aruba from Venezuela and Colombia.

Aruba Food is Delicious

Aruba Food is Delicious

Aruba was discovered by the Spaniards in 1499 and the influence of Spanish food was taken over by the natives.

It was later in 1636 that the Dutch acquired Aruba and the influence of Dutch food began. Combined, these flavors make Aruba Food something that every visitor will like.

Arubans prefer simple food and filling at the same time. It is spicy like in the rest of the Caribbean, but I would say that here the food is less spicy than the rest of islands. They want to enhance the flavor not to shock.

Aruban Scabechi or Marinated Fish

Aruban Scabechi or Marinated Fish

Main ingredients

  • Vegetables such as peas, potatoes and okra
  • Great variety of seafood like conch, grouper, shrimp, tuna and mahi-mahi
  • Chicken, rice, beef Fruits such as papaya, calabash and coconut

Bitterballen a Dutch appetizer very popular in Aruba

Bitterballen a Dutch appetizer very popular in Aruba

Top dishes

Appetizers and Snacks

They have a great selection that can be served before the meal or together as a side dish.

  • Bitterballen are a savory Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal
  • Sanger Yena, a sausage as an Aruban appetizer
  • Scabechi or marinated fish
  • Pastechi is a pie filled with beef or cheese

Aruba Food

Sopi Mondongo is a heavy soup part of Aruba Food

Sopi Mondongo is a heavy soup part of Aruba Cuisine

The Aruban soups are practically a full dish on their own. They are served with the famous Pan Bati and Funchi.

  • Stropi di Tamarijn made of tamarinds and sugar
  • Giambo is an okra soup Aruban style
  • Sopi Mondongo or tripe soup
  • Cool Island Soup is made of lime juice, apricot nectar, pineapple, cantaloupe and papaya.
  • Sopa di Pompuna is made of pumpkin.

Curry Goat or Chicken is a typical Aruban dish

Curry Goat or Chicken is a typical Aruban dish

Main dishes

They are a mélange of African, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. These traditions were brought from the many homelands of this region's population.

  • Carnival Calamari with tomatoes and many other species
  • Curry Goat or Chicken made with clove of garlic, tomatoes, onions, hot pepper and curry
  • Keri Keri is a grated stewed fish made of green pepper, basil leaves, celery and onion
  • Stoba is stew pots filled with vegetables that are locally grown with fish and maize.
  • Keshi yena is a spicy mixture of beef or chicken stuffed into Gouda cheese and baked
  • Pan Bati is a side dish of an Aruban pancake
  • Funchi is corn meal cooked as polenta.
  • Bolita di Keshi are little balls made of eggs, white cheese and yellow cheese.
  • Balchi di Pisca are balls of fish made of salmon or cod.
  • Cala is an Aruban dish made of bean fritters.
  • Ayacas are meat rolls wrapped with leaves.

Banana Bread a popular dessert of Aruba Food

Banana Bread a popular dessert in Aruba

Aruba Desserts

  • Cocada is a coconut candy
  • Soenchi are meringue kisses
  • Pudin di coco
  • Banana bread
  • Bolo borracho and various cakes soaked in rum.

Ceo-Coei Drink of Aruba

Ceo-Coei Drink of Aruba 

Drinks of Aruba Food

  • Coe-Coei is a local liquor dating hundreds of years
  • Fresh Tropical Fruits juices
  • Bottled water highly recommended
  • All sodas both Caribbean and American

Aruba Restaurants

Aruba Restaurants

Aruba is not a cheap island. All the opposite Aruba is high class island therefore it is not inexpensive to eat there. But if the visitor insists on eating local food, she will find budget-oriented places where to sampler nice Aruban dishes at a reasonable price.

For more information visit Aruba Tourism Official Website

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