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Adventure Travel Europe has become very popular in the last decades. You’ll find that Europe has it all, from biking and hiking routes, to waterfalls, to high mountains and an infinity of activities for young and not so young people.

Hiking on Velevit nature Park in Croatia

Hiking on Velevit nature Park in Croatia

Here are a few of the most exiting adventures in Europe.

Long distance treks

The Balkans are ideal for a cycling trail. Via Dinarica runs for 1,000 km from Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps via Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and finalizing in Macedonia. This trek has three options, the High Mountain White Trail, the Green Trail and the easier one Blue Trail, along the Dalmatian Coast.

Adventure Travel Europe


Corsica, this ruggedly beautiful French Island is a great place for canyoning with more than 50 peaks of more than 2,000 meters. It is considered a canyoning Mecca and local tour operators offer tailored tours up and down the cliffs and jumping into rivers in some of the remote spots on the island.

Diving and trekking

Iceland with its wild volcanic landscapes, glaciers and hot springs, offers everything an adventure needs.

Diving in the incredible Silfra Fissure is an underwater experience you will never forget. Back on land hiking in the dramatic landscapes of Iceland is awe inspiring. Visit the Skógá river and the 60-metre-high Skógafoss waterfall.

Wildlife adventure

For wildlife, Spain is the place. The Iberian Peninsula has plenty national parks such as Doñana and rugged Andujar. Here you will have 4x4 safaris for guide hiking and opportunity to see the elusive lynx. Here you’ll learn about conservation and might spot other wildlife such as mouflon wild sheep and Spanish imperial eagles.

Biking through the old villages of Romania

Biking through the old villages of Romania

Europe Bike Tour

For this we chose Romania, the land of ancient forests, high mountains and fabulous villages, that haven’t changed in centuries. The bike tours could last from a week to three weeks. Transylvania offers one of Europe’s greatest wilderness and a lot of history and culture.

Ice climbing

For those that like cold weather, Switzerland is heaven. Ice Climbing and Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps is exhilarating. The tours include guides. Accommodation in sleeping huts, provisions and more. There are treks for beginners. Most of the trips start from Leysin, less than two hours from Geneva.

Mountain hiking

Slovakia on the Tatra Mountains has the most options for hikers in Europe with plenty of adventurous routes. The soaring views of rocky peaks, lush valleys and sparkling lakes are a reward for burning muscles.

Kayaking in Estonia

Kayaking in Estonia

Sea Kayaking

Estonia has a wild coast, which until now is unspoiled. It features about 1,500 islands that can be explores by kayak, paddling between islands with abandoned farmhouses, and prolific birdlife. Operators offer several kayaking group trips, with hikes and camping on remote isles, like the two-day Prangli and Kolga Bay Islands tour visiting four islands, with a stay on Prangli, home to about 150 people. Scuba diving is an option on some trips.

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